Small Soldiers (1998)
starring:  Kevin Dunn, Kirsten Dunst, Phil Hartman, Tommy Lee Jones, Denis Leary, Ann Magnuson, Robert Picardo,
             Wendy Schaal.
directed by:  Joe Dante                    produced by:  Walter F. Parkes
written by: Ted Elliot, Zak Penn, Adam Rifkin, Terry Rosio, Gavin Scott




               WHAT IT'S ABOUT

Size Isn't Everything.  A technological coporation that makes hard/software for the military just bought a toy company.  They decide to make toys that can actually interact with kids.   Unfortunately they use defective military chips that can "learn".  The toys come alive on their own and wage war on another group of toys.  The humans that are housing the "enemy" toys are caught in the middle of the war and it's sudden mayhem in the 'Burbs as the toys wage war against each other and the humans.  Incidentally, this was Phil Hartman's very last role ever!  :-(  I miss Phil. :-(


                     MY THOUGHTS

Directed by the same guy that did GREMLINS, we are in for a world of fun.   The Commando Elite are surprisingly the bad guys in this film.  In fact, there are several GREMLIN bits in this film.  A password is Gizmo, there is a Gremlin "skull" on a desk and there is a toy Gizmo doll in a dumpster.     Other treats are Phil Hartman's performance as the bothersome neighbor who's daughter is attracted to the new kid on the block.  I really dug the animation of the toys and the fact that this is like TOY STORY gone bad!  I want a Chip Hazard and an Archer ("Emissary of the Gorgonites.") toy!  Wah!


                            MY RATING

Yet another one of my selfish choices for fun, excitment and laughs.  This film doesn't have the lasting ability that GREMLINS did. Mainly due to it's being directed towards adults and not kids.  I wouldn't ever recommend the film for a person under 15.  But if you want a selfish action film about toys gone bad causing sensless violence..then GO SEE THIS FILM! Otherwise go see MADELINE.

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