April 28, 1999

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1 - Red Lips, Red Eyes, Red Stockings
2 - Hanky Panky Kind Of Love
3 - Wild Man
4 - Painted Love
5 - Joint Was Jumping
6 - Wonderful Night
7 - To The Top
8 - Strip Joint Is Closed
9 - Closet Disco Dancer
10 - Jumping Cat Boogie
11 - Mamasita

Who are the Red Elvises?  "They're King material, baby!"  and they wear nice shoes.  :-) 

"Better Than Sex" is their fourth CD from SHOOBA DOOBAH RECORDS and it is chock full of swing, salsa, disco, cocktail music and more!  It's a fairly large departure from the music I heard them play on the SIX STRING SAMURAI soundtrack.  That Cd had a thoroughly entertaining collection of surf-a-billy rock that made you dance or speed along the highways! 

"Better Than Sex" is an excellent companion to those of you who want more music like the CHERRY POPPIN' DADDIES or THE  BRAIN SETZER ORCHESTRA. 

The lyrics are minimalistic and provoking.  Tracks like "Closet Disco Dancer" is humorous and you can dance to it at your favorite discotheque!  With lyrics like "You remember back in 1985, you gave me records by Police.  You didn't know that the next day, I traded them for new BeeGees!" you have to smile.  

That's what this whole CD is all about! Entertainment and living it up!   They aim to entertain themselves and you at the same time and, for me anyway, I found myself swept into their currents of rythm. 

My personal favorite songs on this CD are "Hanky Panky Kind Of Love", "Joint Was Jumping", "Wonderful Night" [a dreamy salsa song that belongs in a movie's opening credits!], "Strip Joint Is Closed", and "Closet Disco Dancer". 

Frankly, I'm surprised that these cats aren't any bigger than they are right now.  They're currently on the road, have four CDs out and have numerous TV [probably most notably Melrose Place]  and movie spots under their belt.  They even did Kit Kat commercials (my favorite chocolate bar - whenever you need a break, get a Kit Kat bar.)  ;-P 

So go check them out next time you're shopping for music.  Take a chance, buy this CD and I promise you'll be pleased.  I love finding CDs like this - I buy it without hearing a single note from the album and I fall in love with it!  That doesn't happen often, so when it does, you should take note and instead of getting that new over-hyped junk on the shelves, get this CD instead.  Music with heart.