JANUARY 11-17, 1999

HOLY RIVER chat room
Located in the Love 4 One ANother site, the official site for The Artist (formerly known as Prince).  This is oneof the most positive chat rooms I have ever been too.   I've tried several from sex chats (for the pervert in me), to "Friend" chats (that's what they were called!) where you meet several people and have a friendly chat.  But since I enjoy The Artist so much, I tend to gravitate towards chats themed around him.  So I've been on Prodigy Network's O(+> chats which are awesome!   (if you're out there, I miss u guys!)  And then there was Steve Hammer's Artist Chat which he eventually took down.  Then there was Eye's Chat, then the PPML and then I went off the chats for a long period.  Starting on New Year's Day, 1999, I started going to the Holy River and find that the people there and the conversations are some of the best I've ever had!  I love everyone there.  Word has it that The Artist comes in sometimes.  True or not, it's fun to at least think so.  :-)

You can't use HTML or graphics in it - it's just some free chat room that his web designers put up - but it's cool!  In the end, it's not about which chat room is nicer looking, but who's is friendlier and most warming.  The individuals there love to laugh, joke around, get nasty, and help when another is in need.   U want a stimulating debate?  You can have those here too!  But to come in...you need to have love 4 one another.