starring:  Mel Brooks, Joe Pesci, Chris Rock, Robert Gover, Jet Li, Rene Russo, Kim Chan
directed by:  Richard Donner                    produced by:  Richard Donner, Joel Silver
written by: Channing Gibson




               WHAT'S IT ABOUT

Riggs and Murtaugh think they're getting too old for this shit. (and they are.)   Chinese immigrants want to live in America and will do it for any price, including slavery.  Murtaugh becomes personally involved when he takes one family of chinese immigrants into his home.   The people who enslave these immigrants into their illicit afairs threaten and attack Riggs' girlfriend, (Russo) and Murtaugh's family to get to the.  Jet Li is only too willing to go one-on-one with Riggs who constantly stand in his way.  Meanwhile, Leo (Pesci) has become a P.I. and Russo's character from part 3 is back and is now pregnant with Riggs' child and Murtaugh's daughter is pregnant with Rock's kid.  Over all, a loose film made clearly for the chance at getting our money.    It's a sure-fire cast with sure-fire chances at the box office.


                     MY THOUGHTS

These is nothing special about this film that we haven't seen before in a LW film.  In fact, this film is almost a waste of film.  The only things that make this film worthwhile is the new chapter in their life (the pregnancy bit) and Jet Li.  Pesci was wasted in this film as the comedic relief, in the last 2 films he had a worthwhile role.  Rock was raw in this film.   However, I'd like to see this as being the last LW film.  Mel and Glover really are "Too old for this shit." 

Don't me wrong now - I'm a huge fan of the LW films. I went to see this film opening night with good friend Phantom and own all previous LW films and will buy this one when it comes out.  I missed not seeing any more of Murtaugh's daughter's acting career bloom in this film though.  The only development for her was her pregnancy and his wife and son were barely present!  I mean, damn!  Mel just wasn't the same Riggs I fell in love with in the first LW!  Now he had spunk back then. Today he has lost his edge.

                            MY RATING

LW4 may be a dissapointment in the long run, but for sheer selfish fun, I loved it. If you love any of the past films, and want explosions and awesome chase scenes that keep you on the edge of the seat...then GO SEE THIS FILM!  But if you want substance...see SAVING PRIVATE RYAN or HENRY FOOL. (Henry Fool is one film I won't be able to review for a long time, but a friend of mine saw it and gave it 2 thumbs up!  It's a Hal Hartley film...so it's gotta be good!)