2nd Draft
November 26, 1989

Graffiti Bridge

Black Screen

A Voice
"Dear Dad, Things didn't turn out quite like
I wanted them to. Sometimes I feel like I'm
gonna explode!"

A white hot explosion rocks the screen. Very dreamlike we see
a figure running towards us from inside the explosion. We
cut to a man dressed in a guard-like attire spinning to camera.
He smiles as the person running approaches him.

"So, come in."

He is talking to the Kid, who at first was smiling, but now
looks lost.

"What's the matter, having second thoughts?"

They are standing on a bridge. A bridge altough dark at
it's entrance becomes brighter and more beautiful with every
step that one makes.

Do you wanna start all over again?

The Kid's eyes begin to well as quick flashes of his fate
appear in his mind. A burning street. A Jeep being shot at
then swerving out of control. A young girl who looks to be
dead, is lying in the street.

You can still come back providing that you . Make
certain choices.

The Kid looks again to the beautiful bridge that lies before
him. He closes his eyes, bravely he turns and walks back to
whence he came. The city he heads toward, begins to burn.
So the Kid begins to run.

Guardsman (smiling)
Way to go, Kid.

A very dark, very run down city street houses what looks to be
the end of the Glam Slam, the Kid's only posession on earth.
It's on fire and Levi and Mico run out of the building.

Levi (shouting)
Hurry up Kid, we can't get to the sprinkler switch.

They run from the street quickly back into the club. Alas, a
column has fallen in front of the switch and blocked access.
The Kid grabs a chair and jams it between the bar and the

The Kid (to Levi)
Let's kick it.

They move the column enough to reach the switch. The Kid hits
the switch and water sprays into the room. Levi tries to
smile as the fire dies but it's a tired smile. The Kid looks
to Mico.

The Kid

Fire bomb. It was Morris' gang.

The Kid
Thought so.

They head outside. In the street soaking wet, the Kid begins
to rap.

The Kid
Everybody wanna see you down for the count
but that ain't what being a real man's about
the brave and the bold hang around for the kill
so the bigger the hole, the bigger we fill it
they can hit us whit all they got
but you know what?


The Kid (singing)
I can't stop this feeling I got
I feel it right down to my toes
I can't stop this feeling I got
my body got to have it, you know

Some of the people in the neighborhood stick their heads out
of their windows to see what's going on. One of those people
are Melody Cool. A middle-aged lady with a pretty smile.
Melody runs her own club. Though, she -- like everyone else
in Seven Corners, pays a cut to Morris.

Who's kickin' all this racket out here?

Hey, Melody -- sing something for us.

Uh huh, darlin'! I only sing for paying customers
or souls in need.

The Kid
C'mon Melody, pump it.

Melody sings out a strong progression. Everyone cheers her
on, but she heads back in her window.

You heard it.

The Kid (continues)
I can't stop this feeling I got
you know I can't sleep at night
you know I love it a lot
I can see an everlasting light

What ya mean, man?

The Kid
Try to tell me how to paint my palace? That ain't
where it's at. That's like telling Columbus
that the world is flat. If the song we're singin'
truly is the best, then that my brothers is
the ultimate test. All in favor, say aye!
I'm in a ass-kickin' mood tonight, y'all!

Just then, T.C. -- the local rapper, approaches the Kid.

Yo, Kid, that rap was slammin' but you oughta let
me show you how it's done. Gimme a beat, man.

The Kid smiles friendly but otherwise ignores T.C. the Kid
leads the people who have gathered around inside the glam
slam and they begin cleaning up. Some mop, some spray, some
reset-up the knocked down band gear. Everyone is busy.
Lights come back on. The place is alive again. Cowboy, the
DJ, does a quadruple scratch on the turntable and the same
song the Kid was singing kicks in. The Kid smiles in
Cowboy's direction. Just outside the club a line is
gathering. A motorcycle with a sidecar pulls up. Jerome,
dressed to kill, is driving it. A girl with a fur stole on is
in the sidecar. Jerome seems shocked that the club is
running at all. Him and the girl, whose name is Robin, push
their way thru the crowd. The band begin setting up. The
Kid is on the balcony playing with the sprinkler, rigging it
to hit Morris' reserved table. He lets off a mega-blast.
Jerome notices this, but pretends he doesn't. He instead
goes up to Mico and shoves him.

Jerome (to Mico)
Tell your boy to come here.

Mico angrily starts for Jerome and Robin. Robin pulls out a
pistol and puts it to Mico's nose.

Don't even dream it.

The place goes a bit quiet. The Kid whispers something to
Levi who nods and walks over to big Michael B. on the
bandstand. Jerome looks to the Kid.

Kid, we've waited for the money long enough.
Either you pay up your half of the rent or Morris
takes the club.

The Kid
I ain't got no money, but I got a new step.

Oh yeah, what's that?

The Kid
Levi, show Jerome the new step.

With that Levi steps on big Michael's corns. Michael hates
this more than anything and commences screaming, cursing, and
knocking over tables. Jerome and Robin are in a shock for a
minute then they run as fast as they can out of the club.
Mico lets all the people in. Levi chases Michael with a
bucket of ice for his foot. As soon as Jerome hits the street
a bad white Mercedes limo pulls up and the window goes down.
A hand comes out, a finger snaps and motions for Jerome to open
the door. Jerome does so and the car seat electronically
deposits Morris, who's dressed to the nines, out into the

Ladies and gentleman, Morris E. Day the only

Morris (rolling his eyes)
Oh Lawd!

Without standing he grabs Jerome's lapel.

Didn't I tell you to turn this place to ashes?

Yeah, But.

Then how come I don't smell smoke?

I don't know what happened, chief, we did
everything as planned.

Never mind. Let a man come in.

Morris begins to stand but notices a puddle of water between
him and the curb. Him and Jerome have a slight visual stand
off, then they both look to Robin's mink stole. Robin looks a
bit fearful as to the boys' motive. Jerome rips her stole off
and throws it in the puddle and Morris steps on it to get to
the curb. The crowd parts. Morris is big time fierce.
Morris and Jerome walk in and right on cue the Kid and his
band wail into a welcoming fanfare fit for a king, well maybe a
landlord. The music slams to a halt. All eyes and ears are
on Morris and the Kid.

The Kid
The King has arrived.

Guess who the Queen is?

Robin, Jerome and some of the others break up laughing.

The Kid
So what brings you off your mountain?

People tell me you makin' that spiritual noise again.
You know I don't make no money that way.

The Kid
If you ever gave it a chance, one day you would.

But I won't give it a chance! I'm runnin' Seven Corners
and I say what music is played.

The Kid defiantly cues Michael B. to start a beat. Morris
shouts over the drums.

You ain't hittin' no more. Why don't you just
gimme the keys.

The Kid ignores this and cues in the bass.

Grace, you better wake up! Your music will never
change anybody. Are you listening to me?

The band wails into "New Power Generation." It's a tough,
defiant anti-establishment somg that labels Morris as the
Kid's father, mother, the police, the criminal and even God.
Morris ignores the Kid and whips out a cordless phone. When
the song is finished there is a dead silence. Men who serve
as Morris' posse line-up behind Morris. Together they are
known as "The Time."

Are you finished?

The Kid points the microphone to Morris.

The Kid
What? I can't hear you.

Release it!

The Kid cues his keyboard player who has just sasmpled Morris'
voice. Over and over the voice says "Release It," just like
Morris. The Kid mockingly sings "Release It." Much to his
surprise, Jimmy Jam who is positioned right behind Morris,
samples the Kid's voice. When he presses down on a key the
Kid's voice comes out, only the voice is singing. Jimmy
plays a chord and a perfect 3 part harmony comes forth.
Morris grins as the Kid, a bit embarassed, heads for the
balcony. And Morris begins to "Read Him." He hurls insults
while the Time back him. They head to the stage. The crowd
begins a chant. Morris and the Time whip into "Release It."
The crowd loves it. They all stand. The Guardsman can hear
the music as far as the bridge. He grooves a little. The
sound of faint singing interrupts him. He turns to look
behind him. A woman walks from out of the light on the
bridge. She is beautiful. The Guardsman gasps. She comes
closer never making eye contact. Only focusing on the city
of Seven Corners.

Woman (very sweetly)
So, our friend changed his mind, eh?

The Guardsman can barely speak.

Uh, yes Ma'am, I mean yes sir, no, I mean uh yes!

Well I better go keep an eye on him.

She heads into the darkness of the city. The Guardsman

Back inside the club Morris angrily spits at the Kid perched
high on the balcony messing with the sprinkler getting it
ready to douse Morris.

I want my money, and the set changed by thursday
or this joint is mine!

He looks to the crowd.

Party's at my place and everybody's comin'!

The crowd cheers and pied piper style follow Morris and the
Time outside. Before he leaves he turns to the Kid.

You know, these plants look so thirsty.

Morris turns to the plant while Jerome takes off his overcoat
to mask Morris in the act of urinating on the plant. Morris
begins saying the alphabet. When he gets to "P" he stops. He
then turns back to the balcony.

Q, R, Sssssss

He lights his lighter, the sound blends with his hissing.
Morris sets the plant aflame. Laughing he walks out. The
Kid reaches up and aims the sprinkler at the plant and douses
it. He heads out the back door. Coming down the stairs he
runs his hand along the white wall. He reaches down and
picks up a brush and begins writing words on the wall. "Can
It Be." He says the words. Over and over with each time he
makes another period searching for something he makes a
question mark and walks over to a pile of trash and sits in
it. He looks to the sky.

The Kid
Can it be?

A brush rolls into the frame by his feet. He looks up. It's
the woman from the bridge whom for our purposes we'll call
the Angel. She is standing against the wall. She has a
brush that she playfully rubs against her lips. Needless to
say the Kid is sure this is a dream. She then dips the brush
into the blue paint and draws a line up her leg and into her
thigh. The Kid swallows hard. What could be next? She then
dips the brush again and turns to the wall. She writes out
the alphabet. Stopping at "P" she turns and smiles. She then
continues, stopping on "S" she says "Ssssssssss" just like

The Kid rubs his eyes. He can't believe this. When he looks
back she has finished the letters and has begun painting a
hangman platform. The Kid rises and cautiously walks towards
her. She smiles to him gently. He points his brush to the
letter a. The Angel smiles and fills in the blank that
houses the letter "A". There is only one. From the
expression on the Kid's face we can tell he was hoping for
more. The Kid begins to loose badly and we see the Angel paint
a quick little cartoon of the Kid standing on a chair. She
then smiles, paints a rope around his neck and paints over
the chair hanging the character in the cartoon. Under the
mock gallows she fills in the remaining letters. It reads
"Elephants & Flowers."

The Kid
What is it?

The Angel then paints a heart shape with a tiny cross symbol
inside on the Kid's shirt. He looks down at the art on his
chest. When he looks up the Angel is gone. The Kid is
confused, excited, happy and afraid all at once. He races to
begin painting his thoughts on the wall. (in a wide shot we
see the Kid begin to paint. The shot dissolves to the same
angle but the wall is completely filled with lyrics). The Kid
is lying fast asleep under the wall. We cut to the Glam Slam
the following night. It is filled to the brim with people
dancing, partying and having a great time. Very orgy-like in
essence. Couples kiss unashamedly, people smoke illegal
cigarettes, not your average night spot. On stage the Kid is
singing. He sings a tale of the Angel he just met.

The Kid
Is this Angel for real or is she just in my mind
one ting's for sure this Angel sho is fine.

The crowd digs the funk beat. A blonde girl walks in
carrying what looks to be a saxophone case. She walks up to
T.C. who is observing by the door.

My name's Candy and I want to sit in.

T.C. likes Candy's smile.

Well Candy, you'll have to ask the boss.

They look to the stage. The Kid's song has taken an abrupt
turn. The beat slows and he starts to sing "Elephants And
Flowers," the song that he wrote the night before. It's
still the same groove but slower and funkier. Much funkier.
The crowd don't dig the change though, and several people
leave the dance floor.

The Kid (singing)
love the one who is love, the one who gave
us the power, the one who made everything,
elephants and flowers, the one who will listen
when all others will not. There will be
peace for those who love God a lot!

The word God jolts the crowd, the whole audience stops
dancing when the Kid sings this. Wild jeering and booing
fill the club. Everyone begins to file out. A few couples
continue dancing, or at least trying to. Candy's in awe at
what is happening. T.C. is definitely upset.

T.C. (sarcastically)
Oh great. He's back to that shit again.

Candy's digging it.

Oh yeah. I've heard about this.

The music gets even slower. The beats continues, but we're
going at a crawl now. The lighting changes and the couples
begin holding each other, caressing. A boy takes off his
shirt. A girl strips to her bra. They hold each other. They
don't kiss. This isn't sex. It's something else. Candy
opens her case and dons an alto saxophone. She makes a
crying sound. The Kid doesn't even notice. He's deep into
the groove. The camera pans up to the balcony. The Angel is
watching. She smiles. The song ends and the club goes
black. The next day a white Mercedes limo is whipping thru
the city. Morris and Jerome are making the rounds. We hear
Morris os.

I woke up this morning, opened my eyes and do
you know what I see?

What's that Morris?

We cut inside the limo.


Morris is slouched down in the back seat of the limo wearing
his pajamas, robe and covering his eyes to keep the sun out --
are eye shades made from $50 bills.

Money to the left of me, money to the right!
Jerome, make a sound, what did we get last night?

Jerome opens a black attache.

Well, let's see. George's place pulled $17,000.
Melody Cool made a cool $23,500. We made our
usual 35 and the Kid made his usual.

$2,000? Man that's it! I'm taking that club.
Billy, rest his soul, was fucked up giving half
the place to him and half to me!

Whoo, I know that's right.

Baby, light this for me.

Morris hands a cigarette up to Robin who is driving the limo.
She is dressed in a high-collar chauffeur's outfit with hat
and gloves. She lights the cigarette and hands it back to

When I take that joint, that'll be it. I'll own
controlling interest of every club in the city.
Baby, head over there, let's get this over with.

Morris takes a long drag on the cigarette. He coughs.

Morris (having a change of heart)
I don't know, maybe we'll give him a little longer.

The chauffeur tilts the rear view mirror to observe Morris.
The eyes in the mirror belong to the Angel. She drives off.

The Guardsman smiles as the Kid approaches rubbing his eyes
apparently blinded by the morning light.

Ext. Bridge

Hey, Kid, that was a great song last night.
I could feel it way over here.

The Kid
Nobody else felt it.

(looking to the light across the bridge)
I think somebody else did.

The Kid
I miss my dad. Can I talk to him?

Sure, Kid when it's time, you'll talk to him.

Int. -- neon lit bedroom.

The Kid wakes up from a deep sleep. He rises up in his bed.
We see his bedroom. Scarves of silk hang everywhere. Neon
lights surround his bed. A crystal ball sits above his bed
on the headboard. Electric beams of light dance inside of
it. He reaches over the CD unit on the night stand. He
turns it on. A smooth sexy music fills the room. He lays
back down. He quickly flashes on the Angel running the paint
brush up her thigh. His hand goes across his own stomach
headed down into his pants. His head goes back and his eyes
close. He just lets the music take his mind far away. The
sound of someone else in the bedroom startles him.


It's the Angel. She shakes her head.

Tsk, tsk, naughty boy.

She motions for him to follow her. She climbs the ladder that
is situated in the middle of the room. We cut to the interior
of the Kid's club and see the Angel climbing thru the trap
door on the stage. The Kid's living quarters, it seems, is
directly below the stage. The Angel laughs and dances out of
the club into the back near the white wall. The Kid follows
like a baby at Christmas. So shocked he is to find several
people standing around a black baby grand piano. The people
are dressed in blue body suits. Their heads and faces are
covered by a strange hood. Everyone of them have the name of
a chord written across their bodies. M-7th, dB, Major 9th etc.
The Angel smiles and beckons the Kid to take his place at the
piano. He rubs his eyes again. He thinks he's dreaming. He
may be. The Kid sits at the piano. She runs to the stairs by
the wall and paints over the lyric to make room for more. The
Kid looks to the chords standing before him. The are
motionless. He strikes a chord on the piano. One of the
chords in front of him begins to dance. He strikes another
chord. Another member of the group begins to dance. The
Angel is applauding in delight. The Kid understands and
begins to play a beautifully uplifting piece designed to get
all the chords dancing at once. They do so. The Angel
starts to dance. The Kid smiles at her. Experimenting, he
plays one strange chord and the another. The chords begin to
crash into each other.

The Kid likes this. His piano playing begins to take on a
discordant quality. Each chord stranger than the one
previous. The dancing chords are really in disarray now.
The Angel looks upset. She knows the Kid is enjoying being
in charge of the chaos and she teasingly begins to cry. The
Kid looks to her. The piano stops. All the dancing chords
fall to the ground.

The Kid
What is the answer?

The Angel runs to the paint brush and begins writing. She

Now what is the answer to the question of you?

She motions for the Kid to resume playing. He does so and sings
as well. Adding a line --

The Kid (singing)
Now what is the answer to the question of you
Now what must I look for, Now what must I do?

The Angel is painting every word. She adds a line --

Which way do I turn when I'm feeling lost?

She turns to him.

The Kid (singing)
If I sell my soul, Now what will it cost?

Unbeknownst to the Kid, who is deep into the song, the dancing
chords have begun the most beautiful ballet ever seen. Their
bodies entwine and caress each other. They come apart, spin
wildly only to return to each other's caress. The Kid sings as
the sound of orchestrated strings fill the morining air.

The Kid
Must I become naked no image at all
Must I remain upright, or get down and crawl.

The Angel, pleased with what she's done, dances down the
street with the chords following. As they pass Melody Cool's
club, Melody peeks her head out of the window. She then looks
at the Kid whose immersed in music. She shakes her head.
It's obvious she cares about the Kid. As he completes his
song silence brings his eyes to the wall. It is filled with
lyrics to a new song entitled "The Question Of You."

Ext. Day.

A booth resembling a Fotomat[tm] sits in the parking lot of the
neighborhood mall. The booth is run by a beautiful girl
named Aura. She sells spiritual books and new power music.
The soothing sounds waft from her speaker system. A black
Porsche whips by. Two dudes smile and wave as it passes.
Aura pretends not to notice. It passes by again. The dudes
just pose this time. Aura begins to get annoyed. A third
time the Porsche passes. This time they back up and screech
to a stop. It's Morris and Jerome.

She's bad, ain't she?

She's so bad she's good. Want me to rap?

Yes, I'll be over here posin' by the Porsche.

Hello darlin'. You must be helping out a friend
cuz you are much too pretty to be working here. What's
up with that?

What's up with your buddy over there holding his
stuff? Does he have to use the bathroom?

We cut to Morris standing by the car definitely holding his

No baby, he's posin' by the Porsche.

Cars don't impress me. So what's up, you guys can't
be into the new power music.

New power, yeah, right. That's Morris day and
he would like to eat you, I mean meet you.

Aura (eyeing at a challenge)
Oh yeah? Alright, go get him.

Jerome (hollering)
Hey, Morris! She wants to meet you, man.

Oh Lawd!

Morris quickly heads over. Aura continues stacking
cassettes. Morris' eyes are on her backside.



Hmmmm, lovely. Where'd you get that ass?

Same place you got your manners.

Jerome, where'd I get my manners?

Same place she got that ass.

And where was that?


That's right baby, your Momma. Now let's be nice,
it's such a pretty day.

Aura's eyes tell she isn't amused by these two. A woman and
her small child approach the booth. The child is crying

Do you have Ingrid's new cassette?

What did you say, Ma'am? I can barely hear you.

The child is wailing. Jerome raises his hand to smack him.
Morris restrains him.

Benny, I told you no more candy, now shut up for
God's sake!

The child cries louder. Morris intervenes, whipping out a $20
dollar bill, he flashes it on Benny.

Yo Benny, you ever seen one of these? Guess how much
candy you can buy with this?

Benny stops crying.

Pardon me sir, but I think I can handle my own Kid.

Morris whispers something in the woman's ear. Her mood
quickly changes as she starts eyeing Morris' body then his
car. Aura is smiling at the goings on. Morris stoops back
down to talk at Benny.

So like, Benny, you can have this candy money
on one condition.

Yeah, and what's that.

(whispering in Benny's ear)
That you shut your motherfucking mouth up. You
understand? Your Momma's fine and wants us
all to go for a little ride later. Take this
$20 and remember. There's plenty more where
that came from.

Ok! Thanks!

Benny hugs Morris.

Come on Benny, let's go.

She winks at Morris and walks off.

Alright, what did you say to that woman?

I just made her an offer she couldn't refuse.

Yeah? What was that?


Cut to the Kid in his bedroom. A CD plays quiet music while
he writes at his desk. We intercut between his handwriting,
the speaker and the aquarium in his room. The heart-shaped
letter reads:

"Dear Dad, Just a note to tell you I visited Mom at
the Phelps Center. She's not doing so well. She
misses you bad. I guess I do too. I've been writing
a lot. Although it's dawning on me that what you
said may be true. Some souls can't be saved. God
only knows Mom & I tried to save yours."

A gunshot brings the Kid's letter to an early end. He stares
into space. The sound of Levi's voice startles him.

Hey, Kid.

The Kid

Lemme scream at ya.

The Kid
Be right up.

The Kid drops the note into the aquarium and leaves the
scene. We cut upstairs to the ext. of the Glam Slam. He and
Levi come out of the front door and head down the street.
T.C. and Mico join them.

Kid, yo, I need that break man. When can I rap?

Mico notices the Kid's demeanor and backs T.C. away.

T.C.! Not now, man. Go on, book.

Mico looks to Levi & the Kid.

Hey, fellas what's up?

We're losing bad every night. We're going to
George's place to get a new vibe on thangs.

Across the street, a child no more than 12 years old, stands
in the doorway of the club Melody Cool. His eyes beckon the
Kid to enter. Melody then joins the child and they both reach
out to the Kid.

The Kid
(Still looking at the stranger in the doorway)
Maybe y'all should go without me. I can't
really get into that shit.

No, this time, you're going. We need to hear a
kickin' vibe. It'll inspire us.

The Kid
Levi, Man.

Come on Kid, what do we got to lose?

The Kid (giving in)
Aw, shit!

We cut to George Clinton on stage with a band of the strangest
looking individuals ever seen on the face of any planet. The
packed house screams "Awwwww Shit!" Levi, Mico and the Kid
approach the joint. The bass hurts your chest, even out on
the street. An ambulance sits in front with the engine

Man, listen to the bass coming out of this place.

Yes, my brother.

A man staggers out of the club, bleeding and opens the door to
the ambulance himself. He falls in. The vehicle pulls off.

The Kid
(fearing what he's about to see)
Aw, shit.

A neon sign flickers "Clinton's House." The doors open. The
Kid takes a step back. The smell hits him first. A
combination of marijuana, sweat and fried food takes his
nasal passages by storm. The bass is so loud the Kid covers
his ears. Everybody is dancing. George is on stage humping
his guitar player's leg. Multi-colored braids swinging

George (singing)
I'm scared! Cuz if I don't get you, I'm gonna
go mad, baby. Let's just go somewhere we
can funk!

The music is terrifying. So much so, you fear for your soul just
listening to it. This is funk. The vocalists sing --

Backgroud Singers
We can funk.

The Kid does a double-take on the last singer on the right.
He can't believe his eyes. Dressed in a man's suit that's
cut strategically to expose one breast and one leg -- it is the
Angel. She moves slowly to her own rhythm. At the sight of
her, the music fades. But only for the Kid and the Angel.
People continue dancing to their own beat as the sound of a
kick drum and bongos supply the rhythm that the Angel is
dancing too. The Kid understands now. He sings the beginning
words to "Joy In Repetition." A song that says "Holding One
Is Truly Believing There's Joy In Repetition." A song that
reaffirms the Kid's faith in his music. As strange as it
sometimes seems, people can and will get into his music if
the Kid sticks to his guns. The Angel co-signs this by
repeating the words "Love Me." Over and over she sings the
words intertwining with the Kid's chorus. Everyone else in
the club continues dancing to their own counter-rhythm and the
mix of all the elements somehow create a sexy balet of
bodies and sound. Again the Angel sings "Love Me." Again
she sings "Love Me" and again and again until the Kid can
take no more. Together they run for the back door. In the
alley over by the curb he asks her --

The Kid
Tell me, what's your name?

She repeats the words again and it begins to rain. She kisses
him ever so slightly on the lips. And it's as though they've
made love. She hands him a heart-shaped note just like the
one he earlier that night dropped into the aquarium. He
looks down to read it. And by a miracle it's a continuation
of "Can It Be," the song they've been writing on the side of
the club. It's signed simply -- "Love Me." Tears well up in
the Kid's eyes. He looks up and the Angel is gone. He runs
into the rainy night.

We cut to the interior of Morris' limo. The car cruises thru
the rain at a sexy speed. Morris is busy eyeing Aura's
physique. She looks lovely dressed up. Jerome sits on the
other side of her.

Sexiness to the left of you.

Sexiness to the right.

Alright you two.

It's about a pimp sandwich tonight!

Morris lets out a scream to wake the dead.

Where are we going?

I'm taking you to my club.

Aura (exasperated)
Your club? Right! How do you know about
business? You're just a thug.

Baby, I'll have you know I rounded up some people
and we bought this club legal-like, you know.

I'll believe it when I see it.

Cut to the exterior of Morris' club, it's the most lavish
laid-out joint ever seen. A bold, red neon sign says "The
Time." There are 3 beautiful girl valets parking cars.
Karl, a small hispanic dude, oversees the door. He lets in
the club who he wants. He criticizes the others something
awful. They turn and walk away. Morris' limo approaches.
Karl comes over to it and opens the door. He greets Morris.

Morris, how long has it been? Six hours?

Morris looks uneasy. Karl sees Aura

Damn, what a lovely lady. The one last
night. My God she was so fat she had to use a
VCR for a beeper!

Morris (very relaxed)
You're fired.

I'm fired? I'm fired? I quit! They shouldn't of
let you people in the country in the first place.

Morris (getting upset)
Let us in the country? Motherfucker, what history
book did you read? Jerome, hook this punk up to my

The Rollerskates?

The Rollerskates.

I think I wanna go home.

Jerome quickly grabs a cursing, kicking Karl and drags him
out of the scene. Morris extends his arm to Aura. They head
inside the club. On the way out of the club is Mico and
Levi. They immediately go ga-ga over Aura.

Morris (beaming)
Well, what have we here? Crowd must be a little
light at y'all's place, huh. Oh well. Go get your
boss and tell him to come see my new bracelet -- Aura.

He holds up Aura's arm. She snatches her hand away,
obviously insulted. Morris cracks up at this.

Let's hit it.

Off they run into the night. The doors of Morris' joint
open. For women rush over to assist him. He plants a kiss on
one of them. Aura is quite impressed. She smiles. One of
the girls takes her wrap and escorts her to Morris' private

Morris (ushering in jerome)
Cue the band up for "Love Machine."

Jerome (smiling)

Mico and Levi are running thru the night briskly. Huffing
and puffing, they finally reach the Kid who is busy adding
the new lyrics to the wall of the club. The guys are giddy.

Kid, I think you need to come with us.

The Kid is angry.

The Kid
Where y'all been? Everybody's left.

We were just makingthe rounds. Uh, Morris has got a
hot show going on tonight. We should check it out.

The Kid (turning back to paint)
Ain't interested.

When you see what he's got with him, you will be.

The Kid
Yeah, What?

Your future wife, that's what.

The Kid turns to the guys.

The Kid

Man, I came just looking at her.

Kid, we should go play at Morris' and dog the
place out.

The Kid drops his brush. He likes a challenge.

Revenge. Yes. Besides, somebody's got to
cop that Stella.

The Kid
Too fine, huh?

She's three fine!

The Kid smiles.

The Kid
Ok boys, tell the rest of the band to come on --
we gonna kick some ass!

They all head off. The sound of thunder brings a drop of
rain. One and then another until it begins to pour. The
Angel appears from the shadows and the disappears inside of
them. We see the wall as the rain washes away the new

Cutting back into Morris' joint, we find the place alive.
Morris is sitting with Aura, showering her with compliments
and a constant flow of white wine. She's beginning to get a
little tipsy. She plays it off well though.

You have a lovely place. You know I'm sorry
maybe I judged you wrong. I knew a man like
you, once. All he cared about was money and

Musta been a musician.

You guessed it. You know, every night I would kneel
down to say my prayers, he would say "You Better
Pray For A Strong Back Cuz I'm Knocking It Out
Tonight, Baby!" Yeah, you got a lovely place.

Morris (looking over his palace)
Yes, I have the best music, the best dancing girls
and the best guest any club could have.

Aura blushes at the compliment.


Aura smirks at this bravado.


A Waitress quickly comes to the table.

The lady's glass is empty. Can you change that?

He pinches the waitress' ass. If looks could kill, Morris
would drop dead. Filling both glasses, she walks off


Now, let's be nice. It's such a pretty day.

Morris smiles and lifts his glass to toast. Aura takes a long
sip. She begins to brag.

I should warn you, my ex-boyfriend taught
me how to drink.

Unbeknownst to her, Morris pours his wine behind his head to a
kneeling Jerome who catches every drop and refills Aura's
glass. Morris bends across the table to rap at Aura.

Three sexy! Baby, if I were a woman, I'd want to
look just like you.

Aura bends across the table to rap at Morris.

(Leaning close to morris)
Come here, I have to ask you something. Do you
believe in the Hereafter?

She moves to Morris' ear and kisses it. Intoxicated, her
mean, suspicious spirit disappears. She is every bit as sexy
as Morris had hoped. He actually blushes. Clearing his
throat, he fights to get the next line out.

Ahem! My dear, last night inpiration struck me
like a thunderbolt. I have composed, in your
honor, a masterpiece entitled "The Love Machine."

Aura fighting not to appear drunk pushes up on her shapely
figure and oozes out the reply.

Love. There isn't a man alive who truly
understands the word.

Morris signals Jerome under the table as Jerome crawls out of
the scene to the bandstand. Morris moves in for the kill.

I'm a man, I'm definitely alive and I would
love to change your mind.

Baby, my toys 'll turn your body out.

We cut to the Kid with all his band walking thru the front
door. The idea of blowin' Morris and his gang off the stage
have been somewhat diminished because the Time, right on cue,
slam into "The Love Machine." Aura smiles and says to Morris
-- right in time with the music:

I've got the toys to turn your body out
I've got the noise to make you scream and shout

(With Jerome acting out every word)
Don't lie! You want some love that'll make you cry.
seventeen tongues licking from the neck down, moving
in a quickspeed circular motion round and round.
I can lick it like you like it.

The crowd screams it's approval. Mico begins to groove to the
groove. The Kid just smiles. Aura looks to Morris.

I've got the toys to turn your body out
I've got the noise to make you scream and shout

This time the girls in the crowd gather 'round Aura. Backing
her up, they chime in with the words pointing to all the boys.

The love machine 'll take your body higher
cuz if it don't then I know you're a liar

The Kid is taken by Aura. He has never seen a beauty as
such. He looks at her and forgets all. Even his disgust for
Morris leaves him. He almost enjoys the song as much as the
crowd does. Aura rolls her eyes at Morris' lewd suggestions.
He grabs her hand and pulls her toward the door. She yanks
free and jumps on a table. All the girls are rooting for her,
she says the words once again.

I've got the toys to turn your body out
I've got the noise to make you scream and shout

Morris pulls her from the table and they head out the door.
Morris passes right by the Kid and doesn't even notice. But
Aura does. The Kid is cool. He only smiles. It's a smile
she knows she will see again, and so she smiles back. Jerome
is waiting by the limo with two glasses of wine. Morris takes
them, the bottle and puts them and Aura into the limo.

Excuse me, darling while I attend to one of
my critics.

Morris heads over to Karl who has been tied by his wrists to
the Porsche by a long rope.

(Checking the strength of the rope)
Now what was you saying 'bout my people?

The Kid meanwhile has approached the limo. Aura drops the
window. They don't smile this time. They just look. The
Kid opens his shirt to Aura and reveals one side of his chest.
Still drunk, she reaches her hand into his shirt. His chest
is hot. She closes her eyes. The connection is cut off when
Jerome shoves the Kid to the ground. Before he can get up to
respond, Jerome is in the limo with the door locked. It
quickly pulls into the street and makes a u-turn. Morris
meanwhile is in the driver seat of the Porsche grinning
devilishliy at Karl.

Please Morris, I've never rollerskated before
in my life.

Well why put off 'til tomorrow, what you can do

Laughing, Morris floors it and drags Karl, who tries to gain
his balance on the skates, down the street with the limo in

(Shaking his head in disgust)
Man that's jacked up!

Hey Look!

The Kid on a purple and black motorbike races after the to
cars. Karl, screaming bloody murder as Morris starts gaining
speed, is shocked when the Kid whips out a knife and cuts the
rope. Karl does a flip onto the front lawn of his own house.
His woman comes out holding their baby.

Karl, what happened?

(A bit shaken)
Yeah, right uh, well the boss was coming this way
so he just dropped me off, you know?

We cut to the speeding limo. Aura is passed out cold. The
Kid speeds by Jerome on the passenger side in front and spits
on the window. We cut to Jerome inside the limo.


The Kid roars off. We cut to a black screen. A kick drum
pulses very snake-like over a syncopated tambourine.
Jerome's face, lit only by the candle he is carrying,
appears 1st. He brings it to the table next to the couch that
Morris has Aura on. She is very drunk. She mumbles
something but her speech is too slurred to understand.

Don't worry baby. Just let Morris take care
of everything

As he gives her another sip of wine, Jerome sits down next to

Jerome (whispering)
Whatcha gonna do, man?

Morris (whispering)
Oh, I'm not gonna take it, I just want her to go to
sleep, then when she wakes up, she'll fall in love
with the 1st face she sees.

(Drunkenly mimicking morris)
I'll fall in love with the 1st face
I see. Hiccup!

Jerome, fill this glass up. Our house guest is

As Jerome leaves, Morris can't resist and plants a kiss on

Ext. Morris' club.

The Kid, on his motorbike, pulls up to the club. He looks
around then heads inside.

Cut to int. Morris' living room.

Deep in the kiss we see the Kid standing in the candle light
walking quietly toward the couch. He blows out the candle
and again the room is black.

Jerome. Get a match, the candle went out.

Jerome doesn't answer.

Jerome? Damn!

We hear Morris rise to get the candles himself. We hear faint
groans from Aura. We cut to outside the club. The Kid is
carrying Aura over his shoulder. She doesn't know quite
what's going on as she's too drunk. The Kid has stolen her and
now Jerome and Morris are alone.

Morris, whatcha doing, man, as if I don't know.
Heh, heh. Aura, I've got some wine for you, darlin'.
Open Wide.

(Approaching the couch)
Jerome, where's the matches, man? Ow! Shit,
it's dark in here!

We hear sounds as Morris sits back down on the couch. Hands
start groping as Jerome loses his cool.

Man, Morris, I can't take it anymore. Lemme
just feel her chest one time, come on.

Morris gasps as a hand goes across his chest. There is dead
silence now. Then there is chaotic noise of chairs and
tables falling from the two of them to get to a light
switch. Two lights go on at once. They stare at each other in
silence. Finally they both scream. Morris runs to the
bathroom to throw up and Jerome just faints. The notion of
the two of them together "That Way" is to much for them to bear.

A series of dissolves finds the Kid taking Aura to his club
onto the stage and down the trap door to his bedroom. There he
tucks her very cozily into his bed. Another dissolve and the
morning light shines in through the ceiling. Aura stirs a
bit waking the Kid who is asleep at the foot of the bed. He
crawls on the bed until he is directly over Aura. Her eyes
open. She is even prettier to him the morning after.

I'll fall in love with the 1st face I see.

The Kid smiles and crawls off the bed and picks up a heart
shaped pad, where he draws a hangman. He has already marked
off for empty spaces reserved for letters. Aura, like a child
gets excited at this game. She loses and the Kid "Hangs" her
and fills in the blanks. He shows her the word. It says --

Aura (puzzled)

The Kid points to Aura then to the word on the pad.

No Baby.

She points to the sky.


Rising from the bed she starts to look around.

So, which way out?

The Kid points up. Aura heads up the ladder then she climbs
back down, goes over to the Kid and exposes her breast to him.
He reaches out but she turns and leaves him. Up the ladder
she goes and heads out of the place. She turns back and
reaches out to him but then quickly turns back and leaves.
The door barely closes when the Angel walks in. She walks
behind the stools that are stacked upon the tables. The Kid
notices something over her shoulder. When she climbs up to
the balcony, he sees what it is. A rope with a noose! She
is dropping the noose over the support beam and directly in
front of his face. They look for a second at one another and
the Kid knows that he has to obey. He places the noose around
his neck. The Angel whips out a magic marker and makes for
dashes on the wall. She points to the Kid who takes his 1st

The Kid

The Angel shakes her head no and yanks on the rope to make the
noose tighter. The Kid coughs, and guesses again.

The Kid

Another wrong guess and the Angel kicks a chair over to him.
He reluctantly stands on it. She taps the wall fiercely
signalling the Kid to try again.

The Kid

Nope. This time the Angel goes over to the Kid and shakes her
head no. The Kid is angry. He doesn't like this game.

The Kid (shouting)

With that final wrong guess the Angel kicks the chair from
under the Kid and his feet dangel and he begins to choke.
Violently he grabs for the noose to free himself. The Angel
gives him the chair so that he can loosen the noose and get
free. She pulls the rope from the foundation and using it as
a leash takes the Kid over to the four empty spaces and fills
them in. She writes:

M -- I -- N -- E

Returning her marker to her back pocket she leads the Kid, by
the rope, out the back to the white wall. He can't believe
his eyes. All the lyrics have washed away. She dips the
brush and hands it to him. She points to the wall for him to
begin again. He obeys.

We dissolve to nightfall. Many stars fill the sky. The Kid
looks tired. The lyrics on the wall are jumbled with many
things crossed out or painted over.

The Angel

The Kid turns to her. She motions for him to come to her. He
does so. She motions him closer. He puckers for a kiss but
she hugs him instead. From the onset, the Kid knows this is
no ordinary hug. A gust of wind revs up and blows all the
trash all around the back alley. Her hair waves in the wind
and she embraces him tighter. She hugs him with her whole
body and he loves it. Street lights flicker painting
patterns on their bodies. He reaches down to undo his pants
but she puts his hand back around her waist. Electric this
is and only of the soul. We dissolve and the Kid is lying on
the ground alone. That night Morris is sitting at his
private table pitching a bitch. He is upset about
everything. Jerome approaches and to be honest, he's the last
person Morris wants to see.

Morris (on the phone)
I don't care if you are the Mayor. I told you,
I'll get you your money when I got it to give you.
You just make sure you keep the police off my block.

Morris hangs up.

George grabbed 19 five last night, mo. We
made a killing!

Why don't you give me a break on that noise.
I know what he made.

I'm just trying to bring you good news, cousin.

Yeah, well I didn't rattle your cage,
alright? Now where's Jimmy and Terry?

They'll be here any minute, mo. Relax.

They're late, dock 'em! $100 each and don't
tell me to relax motherfucker. Ya'll think
that running Seven Corners is easy? I got city
officials on my ass night and day.

Yeah, well you can add me to that list if you
don't stop cursing me. I'm trying to help you.

Morris (rising from his desk)
Oh, you bad now, huh. You wanna try me?

They both reach in their pockets.

Then let's go.

At the same time they both start counting bills out on the
table. Much to their surprise, they have exactly the same
amount of cash. Morris grins as he remembers his "Secret
Emergency Stash." Hidden within the heel of his stacey Adams
shoe, is an extra three hundred dollars. He slaps it on the
table and thus is the winner. All the money now belongs to
him. Jimmy and Terry walk in. Morris' attention is centered

Morris (sarcastically)
Uh, what time is it?

Oh yeah, man, sorry. We stopped at Rudolph's and
got some barbecue.

Why you big, three-neck, cole-slaw slopin' -- put
that shit down and go get on that stage. Now!

Come on Morris, chill. It's alright.

Grace, shut up. Jerome, go get my Stella at
the Mall and make sure she looks nice, we're
playin' everything we know tonight.

Just then the door swings open and the Kid is standing all
alone screaming at the top of his lungs. Nothing in
particular just anything as long as it's loud. Morris' eyes
bulge at this intrusion. All the band members are in shock.
When the screaming stops Morris speaks.

What is your main problem?

The Kid
I wanna battle tonight.

Morris laughs. All the rest join right in. When the
laughing stops, Morris rises and walks slowly around the

Honey, don't you know who I am?

Monte, nervously approaches the Kid.

Lemme show him, Morris, lemme.

His words are cut off by a backhand slap from the Kid.
Before the Kid can get another one in, jellybeam, all 6 foot 3 inches
worth of him, comes thru the door and bear hugs him. Monte
pulls the Kid's hair and they take him to Morris.

You can't battle me, son! You're still wet behind
the ears!

Morris nods to Terry, who is walking by, drinking a soda.
Terry throws the remainder in the Kid's face and keeps

You still got the price tag on ya! Don't you know
who I am? I wrote the book!

With Jellybean and Monte holding the Kid steady and the rest
of the band chiming in like deacons, Morris commences into a

I cook young brothers like you! And then spit
out the seeds! I don't need you. I'm the one that
you need! I took you in when you were down and out.
I gave you a club, now you think you got clout. You
can't battle me, baby. I'll kick your little
ass. I'll have you runnin' home to Momma good
and plenty fast. Oh, by the way, when's
she gettin' out of the nut house?

The Kid tries to break free but to no avail.

I hope soon, you know I miss those back rubs.

The Kid stops struggling. Instead we see him stare directly
into Morris' eyes. Morris stares back. Silence is thick.

Get him outa here.

Morris turns away then reconsiders.

No, wait. Come back here at eleven and if
you and your crew can whoop mine, the club is
yours -- lock, keys and all. But if not, I
take it and you work for me, understood?

The Kid breaks free and backs out of the club with a strange
look in his eyes. He's beyond mad. Beyond hate. And in a
way Morris knows it.

Alright, everybody on stage, we got some sauce
to boil!

The Kid walks down the street. Hate is in his eyes. He sees
only revenge. The Angel is walking right behind him. She
circles him once and then again, trying to get his attention.
No response. She circles again, this time it is no longer
the Angel. It's Aura.

Hi. I've been looking for you. I've heard what you
do at the Glam Slam is really trippy. I wanna
see it tonight.

The Kid
There's somewhere else to go.

Aura looks confused.

The Kid
There's somewhere else to go.

He walks away.

Aura (screaming after him)
Punk! Why don't you talk? What are you so
afraid of? We're probably very much alike.
Why can't you just let me in?

The Kid turns back and makes a strange sign with his hands
that has no significance to Aura whats-so-ever.

What the fuck does that mean?

The Kid turns and runs.

That night Morris' joint is rockin'. The Time is on stage
playin' "Cool 1990." The whole crowd spells the word out
their hands. Too funky. Aura is busy at the private table
downing white wine. Morris signals Jerome and he fills the
glass again. Aura, pretending to be drunk, has actually been
pouring the wine behind the booth on the floor. The song
ends and the place goes crazy. This is Mico's cue. He
cracks the front door just enough to let the sound in. The
Kid's voice counts a pattern 1, 2, 1234! The band goes into
the fastest trash rock any band's ever played. "Tick-Tick
Bang" is the song and Morris is leaving the stage to check it
out. Everyone follows Morris to the front door. They are all
shocked. The Kid and his whole band are lying face-down in
the street playing harder than they've ever played before.
Morris is aghast to find out that the words are about
ejaculation. Yes.

All over Aura. She is intrigued by the Kid's bravado.
Morris is not. All the while Jimmy is sampling the song's
beat. The Kid ends the song, but Jimmy revs it up again with
the Time backing him. It's louder and funkier. Robin comes
in with a rap and points it to Aura.

Robin (big-time jealous)
When you're the other woman you break a cardinal sin
wondering how it coulda and how it shoulda been

Aura just ignores her. While Aura's eyes become locked with
the Kid's, Morris is a bit confused. He's starting to get
angry. The Kid's band is shocked by Morris' band's ability to
play their music better than them, just by sampling. They
walk out on the Kid and he is alone. He shrugs his shoulder
to Aura who shakes her head in disgust. Morris has had

That's it! School's in! We gonna do one for
everybody -- "Shake!"

The Time kick it on the one. The song is a mixture of rock
and hard funk and the audience loves it. The crowd parties
so hearty, the door seems to shut by itself on the Kid. The
Kid has lost, and his face shows it. We cut back inside the
club. Morris declares on the mike:

Whoever battles me, better bring an army!

The Time
You got to bring an army sho nuff!

The song ends and the lights fade. At the controls of the
spotlight is none other than the Angel. Her head goes down.
She doesn't want to help Morris but the Kid is losing his
center. She has no choice. Outside the club the kis is
alone in the street. All his band members are gone. Party
sounds pour from the club. He has reached his bottom.
Across the corner, the door to Melody Cool's place opens and
the young child peers out once again. His friendly face does
little to lift the Kid'd spirit. The child beckons for him to
come into Melody Cool's place. The Kid rises but instead,
dragging his guitar, turns and walks lonely down the street.
The guitar from "The Question Of You" rings thru the night. In
a long shot we see the Kid throw his guitar thru a window.
All seems lost. He runs to his club. Aura comes out of
Morris' club to look for the Kid, but he is gone.

The Kid's band members are leaving. And it appears to be for
good. Instruments in hand, they have no smiles for the Kid.
He goes into the club and takes what may be the final look at
his world. He looks to the letters the Angel wrote: M-I-N-E.
We cut downstairs to the bedroom as the Kid finishes off
another imaginary letter to his father.

"Dear Dad, Things didn't turn out quite like I
wanted them to. Sometimes I feel like I'm gonna
explode. Morris and his gang are gonna take over
all of seven corners. I don't wanna see that
happen, I'd rather die first. Now I think I know
why you did what you did. although I don't think it's
right, for the first time I feel. Sympathy."

Crashing sounds startle the Kid who races up the ladder to
find out what's going on. Jimmy, Terry, Monte and Jellybean
have wrecked the club. Torn down all that personalizes the
place. Jellybean kicks in the bass drum and replaces a head
on it that reads "The Time." Monte takes a paint roller and
streaks the wall with color. Red. The Time's favorite.
Tears fill the Kid's eyes. He runs out the back exit.

We cut to the front door as the Kid races by on his motorbike.
The destruction continues.

Cut to Morris' living room. Torches light the room roman-
style. Jerome is pouring wine. Aura, appearing drunk, is
sprawled out half-dressed on the couch.

More wine, darlin'?

Sure baby. Why don't you taste it 1st though
and check the temperature?

Jerome (a bit gone)
Don't mind if I do.

Jerome takes a sip.

Ah, Perfect.

He falls on the couch next to her. We cut to Morris' club. He
is alone with Robin who is not too happy.

So what's up with you and this half and half
bitch. Am I number one or two, tell me now,
cuz I don't really need this shit, baby!

You better put some treble on that tone, grace or
you gonna be pulling some stacey Adams out of your

Don't you threaten me!

She gets right in Morris' face. The Angel is behind her and
undoes her top. Robin thinks it just falls open by itself
and goes with it. Morris' nose is directly between Robin's

Who's built the best?

Morris (taken aback)

Robin backs away and clicks on a stage light that bathes her
in silhouette.

Speak up, baby! I can't hear you!

Yet another and another piece of clothing comes off until
she's virtually naked save for her mirrored-chrome pumps. A
silhouette of pure sex. Morris can't resist. He heads over
to the drum set. Behold -- the Angel hands him the sticks.
Morris doesn't even notice her.

Morris (to Robin)
Rap to me, darlin'.

(With Morris supplying the beat)
I won't be number five and I won't be number four
cuz baby, I'm the fiercest on all the dance floors.
My only name is power cuz this is what I got.
If you try to love another -- huh! I think not.
I won't be number three and I won't be number two.
Look at this body baby, and don'tcha be no fool.
I'll be your number one baby. Or I'll be
nothing at all!

(Getting hot from the sight)
Damn! I can't even keep the beat.
He stops playing. Morris reaches for the light switch.

We'll be right back after a commercial break.

The room goes dark. Sounds of love-making as the Angel
leaves the room. We follow her silhouetted feet up the
flight of stairs. Back in the living room Jerome and Aura
are toasting and Jerome is on a roll.

You know, I honestly think I better suit your

How's that baby, go on, drink up.

Jerome guzzles the wine, and while his glass is tipped Aura
pours her wine behind her head. The Angel kneeling behind
the couch catches every drop and refills Jerome's glass
everytime it hits the table. Aura and Jerome are oblivious to
her presence.

Jerome (slurring speech)
Well, I'm younger and I'm. How can I put this
without sounding nasty. Hmmmm -- better.
Yeah, Better!

He laughs. She does too. A phony laugh. It's obvious she is
not drunk. This has all been a game. She just wants to leave
and find the Kid. Jerome gives one more hearthy laugh then
passes out into a deep sleep. Aura heads out the door. The
Angel opens it for her. She sneaks down the stairs past Morris
and Robin deep in the throes. Soft music skips on the
turntable. "Donald Trump -- Black Version" is the song. Aura
heads out into the street. The Angel is waiting for her. Aura
stares at her. The Angel smiles and looks towards Melody
Cool's club. The small boy is standing in the doorway. The
Angel extends her hand to Aura who cautiously takes it. They
go inside the club. We see the motorcycle pull behind the
Glam Slam. Debris lies everywhere. The Kid's lyrics have
been painted over. He looks in horror at the empty red wall.
He turns and looks down the street.

George, the owner of Clinton's house, is being forced at
gunpoint out of the building. Terry and Jellybean have
George's Guard handcuffed and Jimmy Jam is holding out a pen
for George to sign the lease over to Morris. The Kid and George
make eye contact. The Kid looks in pity as George signs the
lease. A scream comes from inside the club -- Melody Cool.
Aura runs out, terribly excited, she sees the Kid and runs
for him.

Kid, I was just talking to Melody Cool. There
is another place to go!

With all the confusion going on, George's Guard has hit Terry
with the cuffs. Terry crashes into Jellybean. Chaos breaks
out. The Guard runs for his Jeep. Jimmy drops the lease and
George picks it up. The Guard, gunning the Jeep, swerves out
into the street at top speed. Jimmy pulls out a small pistol
and fires twice into the air. The Guard loses control of the
Jeep, fearing for his life. The Kid screams to Aura who is
directly in the path of the Jeep. It's too late. The Jeep
hits her and she falls to the ground. The Kid covers his
face. Morris and Robin come running out, half-dressed,
to her aid.

Morris (to Robin)
Get an ambulance, quick!

People scatter. George smiles and rips up the lease. The
Jeep meanwhile has crashed into the Glam Slam and bursts into
flames. The ambulance whips by. Robin and the attendants
1st put Aura in the vehicle when other attendants pull the
Guard from the Jeep. He's not shot, but severely shaken.
The attendants rush him to the ambulance, then roar off.
Morris heads directly to the Kid who seems in shock by all of
this. Morris slams him into the red wall screaming.

This is your fault. That was my woman and you been
creepin' behind my back!

The Kid (angry)
No! That's not true.

Motherfucker, don't lie to me!

Just then a burst of thunder and lightning and the sound of a
voice. It's Melody Cool's voice.


At first people don't respond. Melody raises her volume.

I said, stop!

All chaos ceases. The feeling of respect comes over the Kid
when Melody Cool shows her face, which is very rare.

Female On-looker
Be cool, ya'll. Melody's here.

Has everybody lost their minds? How do we get
anywhere killin' one another? We need to be
somewhere makin love. You!

She points to the Kid.

Who are you?

The Kid doesn't answer.

Walkin' 'round talkin' 'bout savin' souls,
when you got enough trouble tryin' to save your own!
And you --

She points to Morris.

Who are you, walkin' 'round tellin' everybody
what to do? I been layin' low, respectin'
Billy's dyin' wishes but when you start bogartin'
me and George, you messin' with the food on our

Male On-looker
Read him, girl. Read him!

Morris is unmoved.

Jimmy and Terry, what time is it?

Jimmy and Terry
It's chillin' time.

It's chillin' time. Melody get back in your

There is a moment of tension in the street. Morris is
walking on thin ice messin' with Melody or George. They are
the elders. Everyone is uneasy.

The Kid (looking to Melody)
Who are you?

Melody smiles and with one nod the child in the doorway runs
back inside the club. Melody swings her arm and screams. A
sound so loud comes from inside her club, everyone jumps back
in amazement. With another wave of her arms, Melody Cool
launches full volume into a song telling who she is:

They call me Melody Cool. I make and break
all the rules. If you dog me, I'll leave you
cuz I'm nobody's fool -- I'm Melody Cool.

Morris playes unimpressed, the Kid is into it.

When I was born there were tidal waves,
whole town went under, nobody was saved.
At every funeral it rained everytime
I sang Melody Cool.

Male On-looker
Can't nobody mess with Melody. Go on, girl.

Morris is getting riled.

Fellas, get the shit! Let's show 'em who's
runnin' Seven Corners!

They head off down the street. The Kid's band has been
setting up gear on the roof of the building across the glam
slam. They wave to the Kid as Melody continues.

Everybody's talkin' 'bout savin' souls,
when they got enough trouble tryin' to save
their own.

The Angel taps the Kid on the shoulder and he turns to the red
wall which now has new lyrics written all over them. They
are the completed lyrics to a song entitled, well, the Angel
lets the Kid do the honors. He takes the brush from her and
climbs the ladder and writes the title "The Grand
Progression." Melody's music very smoothly comes to a pause.
With the addition of the title, the wall itself seems to glow.
There comes a beautiful peace amongst the people of Seven
Corners. That peace is shattered with the downbeat of the
Time coming down the street with the drums, amps and
keyboards being pulled by a flatbed. Morris leads the pack

What time is it!

Some of the people cheer but there is a definite sense of
change going on here. The same people who used to back Morris
now oppose him. Morris spits the lyrics.

I know I said I love you, I know I said I needed you.
I know I said that I'd be here always but what
I didn't tell is that this year the latest fashion
is to lie in the heat of passion.

The Kid's band hits a slow, mellow downbeat and the Kid comes
in singing.

The Kid
Can it be in this seemingly short space of time
we've lived a year or to inside our mind and I just
want to whisper in your ear that it's ok.

Morris chimes back in.

This year the latest fashion is to lie in the
heat of passion.

Melody Cool
Ain't that the pot calling the kettle ruthless.
And when you to kill one another, behold the real

She points to the child standing in the doorway. Tevin sings
with a voice that's unbelievable. His words ring of truth.

Every woman and every man, one day they just got
to understand that if we live in the same key
everything could be Melody Cool.

Melody screams and it begins to thunder. The Kid continues.

The Kid
If there really is a God up above, to him I owe
my life, for I now know love. And ah -- if I died
yesterday it's ok.

Morris is unmoved.

Morris (singing)
People tell me what I want to hear. This time
the tables have turned, this time I'm the one
that's building fires instead of getting burned.

Morris' words are having no effect on the crowd. Even his
band, including Jerome, have the look of doubt on their
faces. The Angel and the Kid eyes meet as he sings the

The Kid
Darlin' it seems I have found the grand progression
whenever I'm in your arms. From July until June
every sun and every moon will melt in the sight
of your charms.

The Kid revs up the bridge of the song.

The Kid
Everbody's lookin' for Graffiti Bridge. A bridge
of many colors, a bridge that leads into the key
to your soul. Everybody's lookin' for graffiti
bridge, everybody's lookin' for love.

Melody, the Kid, George & Tevin.
Everybody's lookin' for love.

The love of a boy.

The love of a girl.

The Kid & Tevin
the love that comes from a warm heart in a
cold, cold world.

Everybody's lookin' for Graffiti Bridge. Everybody's
lookin' for love.

With every chorus growing louder, more and more people join
in. Morris screams in defiance.

Your music will never change anybody!

His words are drowned out by the sound of the music he so
wrongly criticizes. He grimaces as his band, one by one,
leave his side. Jerome is the last to leave. Before he can
make his decision, Morris sees the Angel and becomes
transfixed. We cut to Robin arriving in the ambulance. She
runs to Morris and takes his hand.

Aura's gonna be alright.

Morris hears the words but his eyes are on the Angel.

In the distance a bridge lights up and the Angel heads to it.
She turns back to blow Morris a kiss. He doesn't know who she
is, but a strange sensation compels him to climb down from the
flatbed and face the Kid. Weak to the idea at first, they
both finally give up and shake hands. This makes the Angel
smile and the Kid runs towards her. The rest of the people
of Seven Corners applaud Morris and the Kid's truce. Life in
this city will be different now. One group of kids carry a
large trash can and urge people to throw away their firearms.
Many do. There is a new feeling of democracy and love. The
song "The New Power Generation" kicks back in and the Kid
reaches the bridge just as the Angel begins to fade into
light. She laughs and blows him a kiss too. It leaves a
lipstick mark on the Kid's cheek. The Guardsman appears and
asks the angel:

Is everything alright?


She disappears into the light. The Guardsman approaches the

Don't tell me. You wanna go back, right?

The Kid flashes on his fate. He sees Aura reaching out
smiling. Morris comes into her arms, a happy child close
behind. Pictures of all people of Seven Corners singing and
dancing, a picture of a guitar laying in an open field and
one last picture of Tevin. To the Kid, this means that there
is a future. A future worth fighting for. The Kid runs back
towards Seven Corners.

The Guardsman (smiling)
Way to go, Kid!

The End.