starring:  Marc Addy, Paul Barber, Paul Butterworth, Robert Carlyle, Dave Hill, Steve Huison, William Snape, Tom Wilkinson
directed by:  Peter Cattaneo                    produced by:  Uberto Pasolini
written by: Simon Beaufoy





               WHAT IT'S ABOUT

Six guys in Sheffield, England are out of their jobs.  With nothing to fall back on they hang out at the local employment office looking for jobs.  Upon discovering what some Chippendale dancers made in one night, one of the jobless men decide they should strip for money.  So six "pigeon breasted", "fat-bastard", ugly, middle-aged (and older) men decide to learn how to dance.   But what do they have to offer that the Chippendale's didn't?  "We'll go the full monty," Gaz says, meaning that they will go "all the way." 


                     MY THOUGHTS

 This film certainly did go all the way - various awards from almost every possible award assembly there is!  By using (for the most part) unknown actors/actresses, and by using a lesser quality film stock - THE FULL MONTY is an instant classic and an independant smash hit!  Finally something fresh on the shelves in your local rental store!  This film uses FLASHDANCE as its predesessor - a steel worker must beter herself by becoming a dancer.  Here we have six steel workers who must better themselves by becoming stripers for one show. 

This film provides side-splitting laughs at almost every turn!  You will never look at a garden gnome the same way again.  There is one scene when they all begin to undress in front of each other for the first time when some re-po men waltz into the house to take away the telee.   So the men walk up to them in their underwear and (imagine 6 men of various shapes, naked except for their drawers, coming up to you at once!) and say, "Put down and piss off!"  Then there is the dance lessons when they slap each other in the face with their belts and step all over each other. 

This isn't all stripping and laughs however.  It is a serious film as well.  One man is about to lose his son because he can't afford his child support.   One man is failing at his relationship with his wife. Another never told his wife that he lost his job 6 months ago and he is about to lose everything he owns. Another loses his mother and just realizes he is gay.   The humor is real and well paced.  What happens here could actually happen in real life.  Also, there is NO nudity except for a shot of their asses at the end.  This film is as good as it gets.   I mean, it isn't AS GOOD AS IT GETS, that's with Jack Nicholson, but this film is as good as it gets today what with Hollywood being the cookie cutter it is lately - stamping out poorply made film after another!


                            MY RATING


I loved this so much I watched it twice in the same day.  I see so many films and have so much to do it takes a lot for me to see a film twice in the same day!   And I continued to laugh at all the same places!  If you like indie films and wonderful English humour, then rent this immediately and tell them who sent ya, baby!


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