“Peach. You know, I could eat a peach for hours.”



Dir. John Woo
Screenplay: Mike Webb, Michael Colleary
With: John Travolta, Nocolas Cage, Joan Allen, Gina Gershon, Alessandro Miyola

What is it about:
Fast action that doesn’t stop in a span of 2 hours and 25 minutes. An excellent film about Travolta who is a government agent who has been after Cage for several years now. Bent on revenge for the death of his son, Travolta has put aside his family in favor of seeing Cage dead or apprehended. He gets his man, but not efore Cage sets a major explosive that can kill millions (literally). So in order to get the info on how to stop the bomb, Travolta must disguise himself as Cage to get the info from Cahe’s brother who made the bomb and knows the location of said bomb. How does he disguise himself? By having Cage’s face surgically removed and placed on Travolta’s head. (This means that Travolta’s face must also be surgically removed.) Then his body is surgically altered to be EXACTLY like Cage’s. Travolta goes in and acts like Cage and gets his info. Just one small problem...Cage woke up from a coma and forced a doctor to change him to be EXACTLY like Travolta! This nmeans that Cage’s characater that now looks like Travolta can go into th egovernment, cause havoc and blame it all on Travolta! Geez.

Cephas’ notes and spoilers:
All out action and only 2 major mistakes that take away any realism in the film. As a action thriller with a scientific premise (like Darkman) I am willing to throw away the immpossibility of surgically removing faces and altering your body to be EXACTLY like another individual. Instead the problems lay in the fact that if the operation is in such a major secret super guarded hospital, why doesn’t anyone know that Cage wakes up from his coma and how can he just up and leave his room (that has NO guards) and get his men to get the doctor that did this to him (how he found out who the doctor is is never revealed) and forces the doctor to alter him. Hmmmm. OH! And after this, he destroys the unguarded, deserted hospital!!! But other than THAT, the film is excellent! HAHAHAHAHAHAH! No, really - the film IS excellent. Full of great action sequences and a good ending. Travolta and Cage act superbly as each other in this film. They had to study each other and how they move, talk and act for this film so they could really be each other.

Cephas’ Rating:
GO RENT THIS! Super ichy part when you see Cage without a face, smoking a cigarette. He gets creep as all get out like he has never dne before and Cage is so damn smooth in this film. Geezus! I wish cage did more films like this. Don’t get me wrong, I think Cage is a great actor, just too droopy eyed for me. You know? He always has that loser look to every film he does. Nopt in this one. And Travolta is great too. I don’t think he has done many bombvs since his major come back a few years ago.