starring: Keith David, Angie Everhart, Dayton Callie, Kathy Christopherson, Gareth Williams, Roy Scheider, Michael Madsen
directed & produced by: Joseph Merhi
written by: Jacobsen Hart, Dayton Callie




               WHAT IT'S ABOUT

What the box says:  "In a fiery hijacking, a brutal gang of mercenaries led by seductive Lacey (Angie Everhart), capture Hollywood stunt car driver, Nick James (michael Madsen).  They force Nick to use his expertise in a high speed plan masterminded by the cold-blooded Lamar Quentin (Keith David).  Thier goal:   to overthrow the United States government by kidnaping the President (Roy Scheider).  Nick's assignment:  drive the getaway car...or sacrifice his life, his wife, and his country."

What I say the film is about:  "In a poorly made film, full of useless T&A to keep the male audience awake and chock full of impossible explosions in a 10 minute car chase that is pointless...Nick James (Michael Madsen) is forced to drive a getaway car for some kidnappers who wish to kidnap the President (Roy Scheider).   What they don't want the audience of this film to know is that this film imitates refuse by fouling the air of Hollywood with it's poor actors and over-used explosives just to make a few bucks off of rental sales.  Watch this film now and learn why millions of models have chosen this film to help them regurgitate without guilt!"


                     MY THOUGHTS

I would be lying to you if I said I watched the entire film.  I watched the first 15 or 20 minutes of it then I HAD to walk away from this film and let my father watch the rest of it.  I felt insulted by this film.  In "Area 55" (yes, they actually had this in the film) a kidnapping attempt is being made by some underground (literally) organization.  They hijack this prisoner transfer bus where two cars hit the bus from the front and back.  When they hit the engines AND gas tanks all blow up and extinguish themselves soon after the crash.  A semi rams the transfer bus in the side and teh bus's engine blows up again.  Prisoners run out of the bus (mind  you, they are chained in place and as far as teh viewer knows, the chain is NOT broken and when we see the prisoners, many of them are still chained in place).  Soon after, our hero (who is a prisoner who has just escaped with th ehelp of these people he will be forced to help) escapes both parties (the police and the hijackers) in the hijackers' sports car.  We see lots of close-ups of the car's front passenger tire as the car makes various turns in a 10 minute car chase.  There are many times in the chase  where the police and the hero are flying through the streets and a semi drives in the way (ooh, how original) and while the hero manages to drive past it, the cps can't and they DO manage to ramp their car over the semi from a flat road.   (I can only assume that either the Dukes Of Hazzard taught the cops how to drive or they are all driving KITT cars designed by Knight Industries.)  Then I will cut to the scene where I left, it was just after some loser is in a strip joint where we see the pointless T&A for a few minutes before this loser is kicked out of the strip joint where our hero lies in waiting to talk to this loser.  Gee...I'm surprised this went straight to video!  It should have gone straight to the recycle bin so we can reuse the film for more films like TITANIC and THE ENGLISH PATIENT.


                            MY RATING

After my stunning review...do I even have to say it???  Hmmmm...I suppose I do:


If you need a new paperweight, this would be a good choice...or if you need some discs to shoot at, this would be prime material.  I just thought of something.....this is April 1st...this must be Hollywood's idea of a practical joke!   Yeah!  That's it!  They almost had me...I thought that some executive in Hollywood actually thought they had a good film on their hands!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!       I actually thought this film was real!  This was a joke!