JANUARY 18, 1999

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20th Century Fox


An original film that, while widely ignored by many critics and movie goers, remained as Roger Ebert's number one film of last year as well as the top lists of hundreds if not thousands of true film geeks - myself included!!

John Murdoch (Rufus Sewell) just woke up..and he has no idea who he is, where he is or why there's a dead woman in his room.  He gets a phone call saying that "they" are coming for him.  He has no idea who "they" are, but considering the knives in their hands, "they" don't look friendly. Son John discovers he has a weird ability called Tuning, which allows him to alter reality and do amazing things.   Eventually, Dr. Daniel Poe Schreber (Keifer Sutherland)  tells John the truth about what's going on and that only he has the power to stop the Strangers who controls their city and their memories. 

It's a movie about the human spirit, survival, and dreams in a world without sunlight where the inhabitants are without thier own memories, past, or knowledge of what they're missing!  Only three men know what's wrong and one commits suicide! One doesn't know what he is and the third is on the bad guys' side! 

The real kicker here, besides Sutherland's superb performance (probably his best role since THE LOST BOYS and FLATLINERS), is Mr. Hand played by cult legend, Richard O'Brian (Riff Raff from THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW).