“Archie and jughead are gay lovers. Archie is the bitch while Jughead is the butch...Why do you think Jughead wears that crown on his head?”



Dir. Kevin Smith
Writer: Kevin Smith
With: Ben Affleck, Joey Lauren Adams, Jason Lee, Dwight Ewell, Jason Mewes

What is it about:
Kevin Smith (director and writer of CLERKS and MALLRATS) creates this hilarious film about a love affair that transcends sexual preference. See, Holden falls in love with this girl, Alyssa and tries to make the moves on her when he discovers she is a lesbian! (Doh!) But despite the fact that she would much rather be with a woman than a man in bed, the two fast become great friends. That is, until Holden tells her how much he loves her. It has gone to a new plateau that he can never fully comprehend. He has a lot to learn about love and relationships and when he thinks he has it all figured out he risks everything - including his 20 year friendship with Banky, childhood friend and collaborator on their successful comic book based on Silent Bob and Jay from CLERKS and MALLRATS.

Cephas’ notes and spoilers:
The first hour is all out laughs. When Alyssa shows off her homosexuality for the first time in the Meow Mix club, Holden is in shock while Banky learns all about lesbian sex. Banky and Alyssa have this laugh filled conversation about permanent injuries they have received when “going down” on women as well as Banky’s beliefs that a woman should help the man during sex by directing them on what to do. The second hour, however is full f intimacy between Alyssa and Holden as they discover their love for each other and what it means. Can a lesbian fall in love and have a meaningful “straight” relationship or is it destined to just fall apart and hurt everyone? But through the intimacies, there are still some outrageous laughs to be had! This is not SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE, but you do fall in love with the characters and you will talk about this film with your friends and maybe even talk about your relationships with those you love after. It’s that strong. Never has Kevin Smith created such a strong, emotional film. His first two films were just silly and fun. This one is fun and loveable. You can’t forget CLERKS and you won’t forget this film either. Oh yeah, there is a scene where they mention characters from the last two films and yes, Silent Bob and Jay do appear in this film along with a speach by Bob that leaves you astounded! He gives the speach about “Chasing Amy” that underlines everything the film is about as well as how real relationships work outside of Hollywood. Listen to Bob, he has something that everyone should seriously take to heart. We are also given way to Kevin Smith’s trademark discussions to the reality of Star Wars and comics such as how Lando Calrisian is a heroic icon for black children and how Archie and Jughead are gay lovers.

Cephas’ Rating:

I saw this film not only because the story of but also Smith’s past two films which I love. You want something you can’t get with today’s films? See CLERKS, MALLRATS and CHASING AMY. You won’t regret it. P.S. This film, along with Smith’s past two, are not for the Politically Correct.

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