THE BIG HIT (1998)
starring:  Mark Wahlberg, Lou Diamond Phillips, Bokeem Woodbine, Antonio Sabata Jr., Robin Durine, China Chow, Avery                 Brooks, Chrisina Applegate, Elliot Gould, Lainie Kazan, Lela Rochon
directed by:  Che-Kirk Wong                    produced by:  Victor McGauley, John Woo
written by: Ben Ramsey




               WHAT IT'S ABOUT

Four hitmen do a kidnapping job on the side in an attempt to make a few extra bucks.  So they kidnap this girl and consider the job practically finished!  There were just a couple problems:  they kidnapped their boss's goddaughter!   Avery Brooks plays "Paris" a businessman who deals with 'hits' and the other criminal acts in a well organized manner.  Paris orders "Cisko" (Lou Diamond Phillips) to find the kidnapers and kill them.  And guess what?  Sisko was the mastermind behind this whole fiasco!  So he saves his hide by killing 1 friend, 1 skips the country, and the other is our hero, Mel (MarK Wahlberg).  Mel has his own problems:  his girlfriend is using him for his money; his fiance is using him for his money and her parents are coming over for the weekend so they can meet Mel for the first time and break th enews that he is not Jewish; the kidnappee, Keiko (China Chow a newcommer to Hollywood) is being hidden away in his house and runs all over the place trying to get out while the fiance (who doesn't know Mel is a hit man) has her parents over.  PLUS...Mel is being harrassed to return his copy of KING KONG LIVES to the video store since it is waaaaaaaaaayyy  over due.


                     MY THOUGHTS

This is one awesome film with spectacular fight scenes I have never experienced as a audience member!  The characters were fun too.  There is one guy who has waaay too much fun with masturbation throughout the film.  He actually talks to his hand, "You thinking what I'm thinking?" then he grabs a porn film and rushes off to his tv set, se, he only just recently discovered masturbation and if he keeps up at the rate he's going, he's gonna "Turn Japanese" if I may quote The Vapors.

Wahlberg has this awesome scene (among many) with Chow where they are dressing a chicken and it is used similar to the clay pot in GHOST.  The chicken symbolizes sex and Chow is rubbing the chicken slowly while Wahlberg is slowly stuffing the chicken and he actually dips his fingers in it slowly a couple times as well!  Ohmigod! I can't believe we just saw that!  Wahlberg also gets all the best scenes too!  He is in on this big hit in the beginning of the film and while his friends are siping tea, Wahlberg is out to get the hit.  His friends run in the room after the victims are dead, shoots them, and says they did all the work.  (Nice friends.)  Meanwhile, Wahlberg has his feet on one railing, his head and shoulders on the opposite railing, rolling down them while avoiding an Uzi shooting bad guy!  Utter-coolness!!   Then he jumps to some more steps, sets up this special gettup, and makes like a yo-yo, bouncing up and down, shooting the bad guys when he bounces up to their level!!!!   At the end of the hit, Wahlberg jumps out of the window at least 15 to 30 stories high with a bungee tied to his belt.  He falls down...bounces up...the building explodes behind him (he set a bomb) bounces down but since the bungee let go, he falls all th eway down into the hitel's swimming pool and we see building parts fall into the pool and a reflection of the explosion above on the water.  Freakin' awesome!

Another thing I noticed in this film:  The tributes.  There are 4 tributes I noticed.  1-Austin Powers; 2-Star Trek; 3-Spencer For Hire; 4-Edward Scissorhands.

Austin Powers Tribute:  Lou Diamond asks for "One million dollars" as a ransom fee from a multi-millionaire for his daughter. 

Star Trek Tribute:  Brooks who plays Captain Sisko on DS9 plays "Paris."  "Tom Paris" is a character on Star Trek Voyager.   China Chow plas as "Keiko" "Keiko" is the wife of "Miles O'Brien" on DS9.  Lou Diamond Phillips plas as "Cisko" and Avery Brooks' character on DS9 is called "Sisko."

Spencer For Hire Tribute:  Avery Brooks who played "Hawk" on Spencer talks like Hawk did but is much meaner!

Edward Scissorhands Tribute:  The neighborhood that Wahlberg's character lives in is a subburbian type-molded neighborhood like the one from Edward Scissorhands. Every lives in the same style house, drives the same car, has the same lawnmower, mows their lawns at the same time in the way exact way!  I like the way the film takes this and whenever someone drives to Mel's house, they always go into the neighbor's driveway cause the houses all look the same!


                            MY RATING


If you enjoyed GROSSE POINT BLANK, then you'll love this film! 

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