“This whole thing is just going to end in tears!”



Dir. Don Bluth
With: Meg Ryan, Kelsey Grammer, John Cusack, Angela Lansbury, Christopher Lloyd, Hank Azaria, Bernadette Peters

What is it about:
Anastasia, youngest daughter of the Russian Czar, Nicolas (sp?) was saved from the brutal murder of her family in 1918. A few years later she has the chance of being reunited with her Aunt in Paris (“Together in Paris”) when a scam artist decides he can get rich fast with his good friend Vladmir by pretending to have found the Princess of Russia. Little does he know that he has found the real princess and they go off to reunite Anya with her Aunt. Behind, however, is the evil fanatic, Rasputin who has sold his soul to destroy the Czar and his family and nw will stop at nothing to destroy young Anya and her new friends.

Cephas’ notes and spoilers:
I loved this film! Personally, I think that the songs were more intelligent and more substantial than anything Disney has performed in the lastfew years. And the animation/art? Well, let’s just say that Disney can’t touch this one. Bluth’s films previously were cutesy and kiddy. This one is intelligent and fun with a brilliant ensemble of actors and characters that will not be forgotten like Disney’s HUNCHBACK or POCOHANTES. Yes, it is just another fictious tale of the myth of Anastasia. But it is a myth that is meant to give hope. The real Anastasia died in 1918 when her family and she were taken to a basement room of the “prison” they were staying at and lined up with four servants and gunned down then bayoneted. There really was no room for being rescued by servant boys as this film shows. A few years after she died, someone claimed to be her and knew things that only the real Anya could know. However, without proof otherwise, this woman who claimed to be the real Anastasia remained the “Princess of Russia” in name only and died in February, 1984. A few years later with DNA testing, it was prooven she was not the real Anastasia. There are those that would still like to think she was. It gives us hope for life and miracles.

Cephas’ Rating:

GO TO THE THEATRE NOW!!! This is one film that must be seen in the theatre for the full effect this film has! The large, wonderful animation and colors can only be fully appreciated on a full screen at the theatres.

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