Dir. John Murloski
Screenplay: Christopher DeFaria, Antonio Toro
With: Ross Partridge, Julia Nickson-Soul, La La Sloatman, Jack R. Orend, David Haughton, Barbera Howard, Richard Roundtree, Terry O’quinn

What is it about:
It had an excellent idea: An artist is given this mirror which is from the mansion Amityville, unknown to him at the time. When he brings it into his loft, (full of friends whom are all artists), terrible nightmares begin. Tenants begin to die one by one as well as the creepy boyfriend of our hero’s neighbor. The connection between the gift-bearer and the gift are errie and psychologically creepy. Sound scool huh? It is. Except for one thing - it ain’t a horror. It’s more of a thriller with half-way decent characterization.

Cephas’ notes and spoilers:
This film could have been damn exciting if they had a bigger budget and played with our minds more. More gore and more elaborate deaths. more More MORE!!!! I wanted a scare on New Years Eve and instead I got this and FATALLY YOURS. (I knew I should have rented Oliver Stone’s THE HAND.)

Cephas’ Rating:
YOU CAN RENT IT...but I wouldn’t watch it with you - and neither will your friends if they know the truth about this film. You know what I mean?