Mad Man went to see ALIEN: RESURECTION last week with his Mad Wife and they both enjoyed the film. Here's what he has to say:

I saw Alien Resurrection and loved it. There are some really awesome parts (a good majority of the movie), and of course there are those parts where you say give me a break. There was only one part in the movie where we said that. What they did with the Aliens this time had never been done in the previous three. All I will tell you aobut the movie is that you see the Aliens communicate with each other for the first time. It really shows their intelligence. I really recommend this movie and give it three and a half stars. Ripley is not the Ripley we are used to and it makes her not only fascinating and intrigueing, but a joy to watch. Winona Ryder was great in this movie and should do scifi more often, it fits her really well. The characters are terrific and throughout the entire movie you have to keep guessing who to trust and who not to trust because you never know and I mean never know. The chase and fight scenes are incredible and exciting. You even see things that left you wondering about in the previous three films. The story is good and moves swiftly. The movie has the feeling of the previous films from the first to the third, but not too much, just enough to remind you of what has happened before. The X-Files preview showed before Alien Resurrection. The one thing that should be done is to watch Alien, Aliens, and Alien 3 before witnessing the Resurrection. That's my two cents.

It may be his 2 cents, but it's your two cents that count too! If you have a review as well on this film or others, emale them to me and let others know how u felt about a film!