Dir. Charles Martin Smith
Writter: Paul Tamasy, Aaron Mendelsohn
With: Michael Jeter, Kevin Zegers, Bill Cobs, Eric Christmas, Wendy Mikika (sp?)

A boy who is new to town and has a hard time fitting in joins the basketball team. He finds a dog that can play basketball by hitting the ball with his face. The dog’s former abusive owner wants him back while the boy has to help the team win the State Championships. Based on a true story.

If I did what the dog could do I would (1) be either very popular or commited and (2) have one hell of a concusion. I mean, dam! Those basketballs can be firce when thrown at your face. And to do it continuosly?? Owch!! But seriously, for a cute film by Disney it is just plain fun to watch with your family. And if you have kids, I highly recommend this film for them!! Granted, this film has been “DISNEY-IZED” meaning that the events are very stretched out from the truth and bears no realism in various events. On a sad note: The dog in this film had cancer in one of his legs and had to have the leg amuptated in order to save his life. I guess his career in the NBA has been benched. (I’m sorry! Did I say that? Somebody stop me before I go on to the next reviews!

RENT THIS FILM if you have children or in desperate need of cheap laughs and some damn cuteness. The dog is adorable and if you have a soft spot for cute animals, then you will need a tissue at the end of the film when the boy wins custody of the dog.