Before I say anything about the music they sing, let me say something about them. Now tell me, you cannot deny these two are beautiful! Look at their smiles! The way they moved on stage was cool too! From the way these two acted on stage, from their demeanor in this candid shot, and from what it says in their bio, it seems to me that these two sisters are really down to earth and really phat! They also have a really cool accent! heheee Austin Powers eat yer heart out!

Now, I don't want any idiots mistaking these two for members of the Spice Girls or calling them any type of equivalent to those air-heads that attempt to perform with something they call intelligence. These two sisters have true talent! hey can write their own stuff and perform with real skill! They don't try to be something else or be glamour girls. I think that Alisha's Attic's CD speaks for itself about how talented they truly are! They got where they are for their musical skill. Not any other type of skill.

And let me just make a small mention to what I think is incredibly cool about these girls! THEY LIKE !!! In the liner notes it mentions a special thanks to him and Wendy & Lisa who used to play for his group The Revolution! Their inspiration is noticed in their songs. I can easily imagine these two playing with The Artist if he chance ever arrived.

The songs themself are a fascinating mix of artistic lyrics and poetry. Experimental imagery seems to enter their work in songs such as "I Am, I Feel" and "Alisha Rules The World". Unlike most bands who currently rely on deep bass and drums with hard hitting electric guiatr, ALISHA'S ATTIC relies more on electric violin, bass, deep bass, viloin, cello, keyboards and even a recorder by Shelly on "I Am, I Feel". :-) The combined sound reminds me of a subtle mixture of early '90's music with that of early experimental New Wave of the early '80's - and to a loyal fan and chld of the New Wave era, hearing this subtle mixture is very refreshing. They say that the songs are not realy meant to mean anything, but I think that is just modesty. I see a lot of deep personal meanings behind each song. Not just for them but me as well.

A couple seem unfinished however - "The Golden Rule" and "Personality Lines" which they could have gone a long way with by easily adding another 2 minutes of material to. Yet, as it is, each song still stands finished and complete.

All in al we are talking about a beautifully refreshing new sound for the last years of the Second Millenium. Daring to break from the "popular" sound that most artists are moving to, I think that ALISHA'S ATTIC cold provide something you would be proud to have in your musical library. I am.

So rush out now and get your copy of ALISHA'S ATTIC's "ALISHA RULES THE WORLD" CD and tell the sales associate that Cephas sent ya! (Not that they'll care or that it will make any difference, but just think how cool it will be when you tell them hat you were inspired to get this CD from a review on the 'Net!)
By the way, I should mention that the CD is only $12 in U.S. monies.

What are you doing reading this part of the page? I thought I told you to go and buy ALISHA'S ATTIC's CD! Hurry! Rush out there before the store closes!!!

WHat are you doing reading this still? What? Oh, your favorite CD store is closed right now? Then camp out in front of the store and get to ALISHA'S ATTIC first thing in the morning!