the following is taken directly from the liner notes of ALISHA'S ATTIC's first CD - "ALISHA RULES THE WORLD", 1997

1. Irresistible U R 1:48
2. Intense 3:54
3. I Am, I Feel 4:00
4. Alisha Rules The World 4:32
5. White Room 4:14
6. Stone In My Shoe 4:38
7. Personality Lines 0:54
8. Indestructible 3:39
9. I Won't Miss You 4:01
10. The Golden Rule 1:34
11. Just The Way You Like It 3:56
12. Air We breathe 4:32
13. Adore U 3:56

This album has been out in the USA since early this year (1997), however sales on this album has been going rather strong around the world. A friend in Australia told me that their hit single, "I Am, I Feel", was a hit. I heard these ladies for the first time in Mansfield, Massachusettes, USA at Great Woods for the Lilith Fair. Afetr I heard their set, I rushed to get their CD. And guess what? It was SOLD OUT!! "Wow!" I thought to myself. SO when I got back to work the next day, I ordered a copy of their first CD (above).

They said that they are currently working on their next CD right now!