A letter from CEPHAS to Alisha:

"Alisha, (you) Rule The World. I keep telling you I Adore U. The way I love you is so Intense, but that's Just The Way You Like It. Indestructable, I Am, I Feel the Air We Breath. There is a Stone In My Shoe and that is your Golden Rule in The White Room. Wait a minute, please, I have another call on the Personality Lines. There...I put them on hold, and when I did I said to them, 'I Won't Miss U.' Alisha with your blue jeans and faerie dress, all I can say is - ' How Irrisistable U R!'"

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"Alisha Rules The World"

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"I'm drowning in my Essex roots - knee high socks and thigh high boots. Oh God, I need to make a telephone call ... from the crooked phone. "

"(Hey Shellie! Your roots are showing.) "

"I love you, Alisha, you're so trippy. Six of one and half a dozen the other. An Angel and a Devil ... are you in an evil mood? Did you have a morbid thought today? "

"But you're so pretty. Hah! Mess with the mind, you do! Keep us sane in a funny way. Alisha really does rule the world ... just till we lose our thoughts spark in a frenzy of reality ... "

"The listening sky's playing harp songs! Ah, nothing like a little blod in your veins!"

"Is this the end of the real world? Are we dancing with our demons yet? See you on Cloud 10, Alisha!"

"Hey, little friend of teh world ... can you really kick it? Or shall we confess?"

"For some cheap red wine I'd rather go with a smile - my star, on a stormy night of no Angels."

"Excuse me, sir, can I borrow your table? Turned upside down it makes a great magic carpet ride ... Only with stabilizers like my bicycle ..."

"I haven't quite got my balance yet, still a little wonky from the raindance. I love the drum, the stomping rythm, the dark bodies moving in the sun ... But it always leaves me wasted ... Can we do it again? Then hop on Hopi."

"Trip on, Toto."

[taken from the cartoon in the debut album of ALISHA'S ATTIC by Mercury Records, copyright 1997]