On July 22, 1997 in Mansfield, Massachusettes, USA, ALISHA'S ATTIC performed their very first USA show ever at the Lilith Fair. They were greeted with a good sized crowd in what was called the "Village Stage" which was basically a 10' by 10' stage with a few frames around it. (I got to sit second row! - I was with one of seven friends I went with.)

They performed acoustically. The two sisters, Karen and Shelly sang with lots of energy - dancing in place and obviously having lots of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I think Shelly (the calico red/black haired one) nearly burst ot laughing during "I Am, I Feel" when she sang the chorus going, "...and I Am, I Feel, like, I wanna bite his head off, yeah, that'd be fun." :-D

With the two sisters, was their guitarist. (I think his name is Dave Stewart.) He was playing incredibly on all the songs by himself sounding like a full band! Yet another reason why I think acoustic guitars are sometimes better than electric.

They played for a total of 25 minutes in the blazing sun. What songs did they perform? Well, in no order at all, If I remember correctly, I believe they played:

I Am, I Feel
Irresistible U R
White Room
Stone In My Shoe
Air We Breathe
Adore U
they also performed a song from their next CD to try it on us. It was very well receieved. I don't know what it was called though. They didn't announce the titles of many songs.

After their show they said they were going to do autographs so I rushed to get a copy of their CD and it was SOLD OUT! :-( So I grabbed a Lilith Fair poster and had them sign that. :-D (Yay for me!) (oh! and btw, I was actually walking to try to get the CD BEHIND Shelly of Alisha's Attic! I should have said something to her. Damn. Stupid, stupid me!)

So I waited close to 20 minutes or so before I could get to them. (now, it is here I should mention what I wearing to the concert because Shelly made a comment on it. I was wearing my EMANCIPATION black T-shirt that has a huge white on the back with the words "Sex", "Love", "Freedom" on the sleeves and back.) So anyway, when I was getting their autograph on the poster, Shelly sqaw my shirt and asked if it was a shirt for "EMANCIPATION" and I said yes. She said something along th elines of that being really cool. (It was a little hard to talk in that crowd of people and be heard unless you had your ear on the other person's mouth.) I thought it was really cool that she like The Artist! So I got both of their autographs and now it hangs on my wall in my room. It says,


If you want to see some pictures of them from the Lilith Fair show on July 22, go to the picture section of Alisha'S attic and check them out! (It will be the pics where Karen is in a black/red outfit) :-D I snatched these pics from the Lilith Fair site a couple weeks after the show occured.