Six-String Samurai (1998)
starring:  Jeffrey Falcon, Justin, McGuire
directed by:  Lance Mungia                    produced by:  Leanna Creel, Michael Burns
written by: Jeffrey Falcon, Lance Mungia




"You ever hit a pink golf ball, Phil?   Just the wind sheer alone can cut off a midget's head at 350 yards!"

               WHAT'S IT ABOUT

The Russians dropped the "bomb" on us in 1947.  They took over America and the last point of civilization is Lost Vegas.  Elvis was crowned king.   40 years later, Elvis is dead, and Lost Vegas needs a new King of Rock.   Buddy, the Six-String Samurai, travels across the country's wastelands and while fighting off the Russian army, Bowlers, and Death, Buddy finds himself en route with an orphan who tags along for the trip. 

                     MY THOUGHTS

Cinematically one of the COOLEST looking films I've ever seen!  The cinematography is great, the dialogue is wonderful, and the direction is awesome!   When it comes to "Cool" films, this is the last word for the century.   There may be other cool films of the year, but this is UBER-COOL!  I've seen it on video three times in as many days!  I can't remember too many films where I've done that! 

I first heard about this film on AIN'T IT COOL NEWS when Harry Knowles (Head Geek) raved on and on about this film.  He gave the film's web site where I've read enough to make me rabid for the film!  That was a year ago.  365 days later I am still rabid about this film and now that I've seen it...there ain't no cure.  I bought the soundtrack without ever hearing a single note from it.  That was in October of 1998.  I still listen to it non-stop!  It just screams turbo-cool!  Without ever seeing the film, I just got the video so I could watch it! It is an "Indie" film so it had a super-small distribution.  I tried to get my fave theatre, the "Magestic" to show it, but they never did.  Too bad.  They would've gotten tons of cool points for showing it!  To see this film in a full-screen theatre with THX quality sound would've been soooo rad, I would've soiled myself!  I won't bother teling the incredible making of the film, instead, go HERE to go to their official web site where you can read all about the film, the making of it and even buy the film!!!

Here's a look at the COOL parts:


Those are just SOME of the cool parts!  Of all the gripes I may have about this film - I have this one the most:  Death's cronies fight like the Stormtroopers in any given STAR WARS film!  They fight well against the extras, but when it comes time to kill our heroes, they can't fight worth spit!  Maybe another time I'll be able to pinpoint every point of inspiration in this film from other films like STAR WARS and WIZARD OF OZ..

                            MY RATING


The movie rocked and it rolled!  A fun film and dripping with coolness!   You'll be sucked into it's little world and won't wanna leave for a long time!   You'll watch it over and over and you'll NEED the soundtrack to boot!