starring:  Bruce Willis, Milla Jovovich, Gary Oldman, Ian Holm, Tom Lister Jr., Luke Perry, John Neville, Chris Tucker, John                 Bluthal, Lee Evans, Tricky, Maiwenn Le Besco
directed by:  Luc Besson                    produced by:  Patrice Ledoux
written by: Luc Bessen





               WHAT IT'S ABOUT

Willis is a cab driver in the year 2259 A.D. who gets caught up into saving the universe by driving. (And in doing so he loses all his points on his driver's license.)   There are 5 elements that can save the Earth from total destruction from Evil. "Evil" happens to be a giant 12,000 ft/diameter burning planet intent on destroying the Earth - "Good" happens to be a beautiful woman who is the fifth element that can save the Earth from evil - but, she doesn't speak english, can't get around because certain things have happened that are preventing the Fifth Element (LeeLoo) from acheiving her goals and on top of that, even though she is very strong, "...she is fragile and needs [Willis] to help her."  But after seeing what mankind has done in the past 5,000 years, Leeloo is reluctant to save us - only one thing can change her mind and only Willis can help her.


                     MY THOUGHTS

WOW!  What can I say?  I just finished this film not more than 15 minutes ago and I am still reeling from the ending.  Willis was cool (as always) but Jovovich was phenomonal!  Her beauty and grace stole every scene. Her voice was a song unto itself that God wrote for our ears.  Oh yeah..and you get to see a glimpse of nipple. :-)  Seriously, she was wondrous.  I'd like to see other films with her in it.  So let me start with what I know about this film:

Besson took close to 20 years I believe to write this film.  It was a dream story of his since he was a kid.  Ideas for the stort evolved as time went on and as he became more mature as a screenwriter and director, he  finally had the chance to realize his child. The reason why there are so many elements from other films in this one is because he was inspired by dozens of films through his life and he saluted many of his childhood faves in this film.  So I won't say anything about  this point as I sometimes do.  The production of this film went as far as wondering what the future would look like so he created everything to match his image.  He didn't buy expensive silverware for the diner, he created futuristic silverware.  He created everything you see in the film for a more unique flavor and atmosphere.  Hell, FIFTH ELEMENT was nominated for an Oscar because of this care for detail.  (but lost - I don't remember who won instead, if someone knows, email me. Thanks!) 

The idea for the film was to create a story about good versus evil.  Like STAR WARS by George Lucas (one of my Hollywood heroes)  this film has a domineering evil presence contrasted by a lesser good presence that overcomes tremendous odds to save the universe from a moon-sized bad guy.  One thing that seperates this film from others - besides Jovovich - was that it uses comedy to make the film more enjoyable and not so BLADE RUNNERish in tone.  There are bright colors everywhere and a very annoying DJ who helps Willis.  (Many may compare this DJ to Prince aka: The Artist for whom I believe this character is intended to reprasent.)  Although he is annoying and seemingly useless, he proves to be like Pesci's character in the LETHAL WEAPON saga (I say saga because there is a 4th one coming out soon.) 

I don't have anything bad to say about it because the good overweighs the bad. Literally.  And anyway, no matter how bad it may have been, Jovovich is a saving grace and if she were to co-star in the BARNEY film even I would rush out to see it tonight!



                            MY RATING

The film seems like Hollywood contemporary trash sci-fi that is quickly erected and poorly executed with no seeming care for its audience's intelligence. Not true here. It cares about you and at the end it strives to win your heart.  It did mine. I mean, there is nothing to fall in love with here. Nothing at all.  But the story is a good one actually and Jovovich's character is a God-send to the audience.  You want to hold her close to you at the end when she is on the ground and tell her that there is a reason to save the universe,  Love.


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