February 6-13, 1999

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Prince &
The Revolution:

1999: THE


1 - 1999 (the new master)
2 - Rosario (1999)
3 - 1999 (the inevitable mix)
4 - 1999 (keep steppin')
5 - 1999 (Rosie, Doug E. in a deep house)
6 - 1999 (the new master single edit)
7 - 1999 (acapella)

The New Master is the first of several releases this year by The Artist.  This particular relase is a throwback to his earlier years, but don't let the name confuse you on this one.  This may say "Prince and the Rev., but it's NPG all the way!  In fact, I think we probably hear more of Rosie Gaines and Doug E. Fresh than The Artist!

This is one serious club song with a surefire dance beat to get you slidin' across the dance floor throughout 1999! You can't go wrong with this CD.  Even if you hate this guy but like the apocalyptic song that put him in the mainstream, then you'll like this.  It's got the classic song with a more modern tweak that's refreshing to hear.  R&B fans and Pop fans will love this if they like to dance.  It's a little pricey for what appears to be a maxi-single, but it's worth it at $11.99 suggested retail price.  Some bigger stores may offer it for less at about $8.99.  This is one fine release with a sharp style to it that should get it onto the chats.  The package alone should get it a Grammy nod next year!  (yes, they do give out Grammy's for best packaging, it's just not as exciting as the other awards.) 

The only track on here I'm not excited about is the second one with Rosie Dawson.  She talks through a reindition of the opening melody of Little Red Corvette as if dictating to her diary.  It's boring and a down beat to the rest of the CD.   I understand what he was trying to do here, but it detracts from the overall collection.  Very nice speaking voice however, it reminds me of Ingrid Chavez. 

Andif anyone should find any promotional posters or flats for this release please send it to me!!!  My snail mail is:

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